• Holy Paladin DME Jump Runs Guide

    Hey what’s up everyone and welcome to another video! In this one I will go over everything you need to know to solo DME Jump Runs as a Holy Paladin. If you thought you couldn’t farm efficiently as a healer, that isn’t the case. So buckle up, and get ready to learn how to farm Arcane Crystals around the clock even on a heavily populated server

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    For those who prefer to read, here is a summary what to do prior to getting to Dire Maul:

    Herbalism & Mining:

    Obviously this gold farming technique is only possible with Mining, which is mandatory to exploit the 2-3 Rich Thorium Veins at the end of every run. Herbalism can also increase the efficiency of your runs, allowing you to gather the different Dreamfoil, Gromsblood and Ghost Mushroom nodes around the instance. Enchanting can also be useful to disenchant the greens and blues you will loot.

    Holy Shock Build:

    You can have the build that you want, as long as you have 31 points into the Holy tree for Holy Shock, otherwise it will take you significantly more time to complete the run and you might even not have enough damage output to do it!
    CWL 1.png


    Before looking at any other stats, I strongly recommend that you get a minimum of 30 Shadow resistance on your gear, so that you get at least 90 once you use your shadow resistance aura. This is the minimum amount to allow you to fully resist spells.
    Granted it is only 1%, but it can save you more than once both boss fights.

    Good Resistance Gear:

    Useful Trinkets:
    Briarwood Reed: Pre BiS, flat spell power
    Second Wind: Decent during Alzinn’s fight as it gives you 300 mana back over 10 secs
    Burst of Knowledge: Decent during Zevrim’s fight if you get sacrificed; you can use it for burst damage without using too much mana
    Any other more valuable trinket is recommended: Shard of the Scale, ToEP, Neltharion's Tear, etc.


    I also strongly recommend that you bring those consumables with you, especially if you are still learning; I am comfortable with the dungeon and I still need those every now and then, as sometimes the RNGs are on your side, and sometimes they aren’t.

    Major Healing Potions: Very handy for Zevrim Thornhoof
    Heavy Runecloth Bandages: Important for the Alzinn encounter that is based on resources sustainability
    Greater/Superior Mana Potions: Important for the Alzinn encounter that is based on resources sustainability
    Mage food & water: Always good to carry those around when you are farming


    The only addon that is necessary is Deadly Boss Mod (DBM), as it can tell you when Zevrim is casting Sacrifice, the only spell that you want to dodge during his encounter.
    If any other addon can keep track of this for you, then you can use those ones too instead. I like DBM as it also tracks how long it takes to kill bosses, and it is encouraging when you start killing him faster!

    DME Jump Runs

    The video really is the best way to master the runs as it shows you exactly how to get every pull and fight right, and tells you where to look for the herb nodes and Dusty Tome spawn locations throughout the run! So that’s it for this today, I hope it will help you make more money

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    What issue are you having?

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  • RE: RIP

    Another drowning death! Who knew water was so deadly

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  • WoW Classic: Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza Guide!

    About This Guide

    The Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza is coming to World of Warcraft, Classic in Phase 4! This is your complete guide on the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza, why you should compete in the tournament, and ultimately how to best increase your chances of taking the top fisherman's prize! Welcome to Booty Bay's, Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza!

    Youtube Video

    What's Discussed in this Video

    • Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza Basics

    • The Tournament Details

    • How to Win the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza

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  • RE: iCue Theme

    Thats a nice setup

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  • RE: The Event, BB Server or Any Server?

    I'd like to see the EU community choose a server for them to do the event as well! We are all NA so I think that would make sense.

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  • Hunter pets should have one life.

    Your pet dies, you gotta retrain a new one. This will help balance hunters IMO.

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  • RE: BWL race to world first

    Congrats Dkayed! Can you comment a bit on the makeup of the players in Calamity? I heard you guys have quite a few former Vanguard members.. confirm/deny?

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  • Love is in the Air Guide: How Can Love Help YOU Defeat Blackwing Lair?


    Well met! In this video, I summerize RenataKane's guide on why is the Love is in the Air even in Classic WoW can help you defeat Blackwing Lair and other content. From consumables you can get from chocolate boxes to buffs for turning in gift collections, it has it all covered.

    Youtube Video

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  • Quest Failed #2: Homecoming

    alt text

    Number 2 is up! I promise we'll see more than the silhouette and forearm of our secondary character soon.

    For more, check out:
    The official site

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