Hi, Thanks for this guide. I wonder why https://classic.wowhead.com/item=1263/brain-hacker isn't mentionned as alternative of MCP ? Isn't better then destiny, considering that's faster, deal more damage over time ? Moreover, it has a proc, let's say "mokay" tier, but with the mechanics of SoR and procs, it's better than expected no ? And, procs of destiny can't stacks if I'm right, so in a long fight, you'll probably loose some benefits (according that you manage to have 100 % uptime on destiny) Or Brain Hacker, even for this spec, is rubbish ? (I'm wondering using it for an other spec, much more shockadin, but with SoR instead of SoC, using 1H and shield mainly, and a fast 2h weapon with a proc (Brain Hacker) with fiery enchant for dealing some damage when shield isn't mandatory. Just for fun in pvp. I assumed that this weapon isn't that bad, but nobody ever mention it... ) ps: I'm not English, so sorry for my poor language.