The Tauren Healing Range Bonanza

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    Tauren get 2.5 yards added to their ranged and melee abilities, and they give +2.5 yards ability range to anyone, friend or foe, who's targeting them. There are many combat implications for this, especially for melee PvP specs and PvE tanking, but I'll just focus in on the PvE healing side of things for now.

    The Tauren Advantage

    An extra 2.5 or 5 yards on your healing spells is very awesome. There are many situations where it would be nice to be able to stand further back, whether it enables you to heal from a certain patch of ground you wouldn't normally be able to cast from, or if you just like not having to move as much during combat.

    And just because your Tank isn't a Tauren doesn't mean this won't come into play. When healing other races, you still get +2.5 yards range, and other races healing Tauren also get a flat +2.5 yards cast range. And of course, sometimes you gotta heal a dps or another healer. So the clear option is just to have everyone play Tauren to fully break the game!

    Just kidding, I'm not actually racist. If you don't like playing a hamburger then please don't feel obliged to just to take advantage of the extra range. Also keep in mind, this whole Tauren thing has no impact on Druid Forms, and Female Tauren are a little slimmer and have only a +2.2 yard modifier to their cast and target range instead of +2.5.

    I tested all these things in the Classic WoW Stress Test by healing Okothos Ironrager and Ox (an Orc and a Tauren NPC) in Orgrimmar. I managed to position both an Orc Shaman and a Tauren Shaman at the same location to verify.

    If you have any questions or comments or unique applications, feel free to share. But until next time, go crazy!

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