[Horde] [Shazzrah PVP] [Norwegian Guild] Starchasers LF more Members

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    Starchasers is a Norwegian guild to play Horde on PVP server (Shazzrah) when WoW Classic arrives August 27.

    We are a social guild. trying to get Raiding and PvE content in classic.
    We will use the Loot-council as a loot system to get fair in loot and other things.

    When loot drops, the class leaders with officers will distribute the loot fairly to where it best serves the guild's progression in raid.

    Brief Features of the Guild:

    1. Horde (PVP / PVE)
    2. A loot council that emphasizes both the best of the guild and the most equitable distribution.
    3. We are the Social Guild.
    4. Active Management (Need more in class management and Officer).

    Join us on discord:

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