How to Farm Dire Maul North & East (As a Mage)

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    A detailed guide on how to farm Dire Maul North & East as a mage, without requiring raiding gear.
    This route is optimized, allowing for quick gold farm while having low downtime.

    Talent tree:

    How much you make per hour?

    • Around 70G Per Hour. This really depends on drops tho.

    Why won't you enter DM from the backdoor entrance?

    • This route is optimized, it only takes 30 seconds to run from North to East. The extra pack is not worth the longer route imo.

    What Gear did you wear?

    • Pre-raiding gear. 0 Epics.

    Is it difficult?

    • Absolutely not. Just don't manfight any mobs and you're good to go.