[BUG] [Leveling Guide] At a certain point repeats from the Beginning

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    I didn't find this one reported yet so here I am.

    If you chose Horde duo and go Orc/Warrior plus Troll/Priest the guide will jump backwards from Level 58 (Go to Orgrimmar) to Level 20 Crossroads at a certain point when you press "Next Step". I only tested this combination and am at work right now so can't test others.

    I tested this one multiple times though even clearing browser cache and let a friend run it through on his PC it jumped back everytime at the same point.

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    Also, not totally related, but I would like to suggest that when you click on a step in the leveling guide (and you're in duo or trio) to add which class is supposed to do the step. I'm doing it with undead warlock and rogue and it says, "buy dirk" and i'd assume that's for the rogue, but it could be for warlock too, or both of us. Please add that if possible, it would make things clearer.

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    It's fixed in the new Version. Thank you very much!

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