[H] <Octagon Club> | NA | HORDE | PVE/PVP Guild | Raid WED/THUR @ 9pm EST

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    Octagon Club
    NA - Horde - PVP
    Server - Stalagg
    Raiding and Organized PvP

    About Us
    We are a group of returning players. Armed with the knowledge of we are adults with jobs and families, we aim to make the best of our 'limited' playtime by surrounding ourselves with like-minded allies. We want to create a place where being in a guild means something.

    We want to clear raids at a relaxed pace with a fun group. Then turn around and take that gear and organization and put it to use cracking Alliance skulls.

    The Octagon Club uses a crafting system where the guild will accept CoDs for crafting materials used to make raid-entry level gear, so we can both foster the sentiment of community within the guild and quickly get all of our members raid ready.

    Progression raids will be Wednesday/Thursday, starting around 9pm EST. Farm raids will take place on weekends.

    Loot Distribution
    EPGP with reserves on key loot

    Looking For
    New Players! - We know Classic is an opportunity for a lot of players who never experienced vanilla (or Warcraft at all!) to join the game. We happily accept you!

    Raiders! - We are looking for a few more classes to balance out our raid roster. We need a few more physical DPS classes (warriors, hunters, rogues) and a couple of healers (shamans and druids preferred).

    Get in discord for more information!

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