Undead Mage Leveling Guide Issues

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    I was just running through the guide real fast to see if the guide was complete enough for me to try to use for classic. The first issue I saw was when leaving undercity to start questing in the barrens it tells you to turn in the quest Crossroads Conscription that I believe you pick up in razor hill but the guide never tells you to go to razor hill to pickup the quest. The other issue I saw was the guide brings you to like level 58 and then the last steps bug out and it shows a repeat of the crossroads quests. Both issues aren't that big of a deal as you can just grind out from 58 and on in dungeons (LBRS or something). Other than that the guide seems fine although I just skimmed through it real fast.

    I just wanted to say great job on the guide. I really love the looks and layout of the guide on this website as opposed to other guides. It is very user friendly and soothing on the eyes.

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