!NEETS WANTED! <GOOD JOKE> |Herod| EST [Horde] Semi-casual PvE: 2 | Hardcore PvP

  • Initiate

    <GOOD JOKE> is a PVP focused guild looking for the bottom of the barrel, absolute lowest tier NEETs that still live with grandma. We are a PVP focused guild with casual raiding on non-BG holidays. Our guild is currently composed of several retail Rank 1s, glads, r14 RBGs, and other hardcore players, along with OSRS boomers, first time vanilla playing zoomers, stinky SSBM players, and a wide range of nerds who have one thing in common, our lives are good jokes.

    The guild is loosely moderated and aimed at adults that don't take themselves too seriously and realize we are all here playing a 15 year old video game.

    Raids start at 8PM EST (open for discussion). With early classic raids being a cakewalk in mind, invites are initially a first come first serve basis (some care for comp); just show up on time and don't fuck around too much, at least not 'til the boss is dead. No rush to level 60, but be ready to go hard once phase 2 rolls around.

    Loot rules are loot council with GBP (Good boy points), Most the phase 1 BIS is from dungeons anyways so if this doesn't fly for people it's up for change phase 2.

    All classes/specs welcome, PvP and grinding ranks will be the main objective so having a competitive mindset is welcome but a win's a win. Raiding will continue through the phases, expect to get carried(or carry us) through Naxx by the High Warlord squad.

    https://discord.gg/k3CBByd -- Feel free to hop right in the clown car we call discord and I'll see you in queue, soldier.

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