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    Interest ya'n a pint? Hey what’s up everyone, in this short video, I want to share 5 tips to help you level up your paladin faster and get ahead of the pack if ever you have to solo the content of your starting zone. Please note this is tailored around a solo leveler and up to level 10 or so; at higher level, it’s a completely different ball game. You can still follow these tip if you plan on leveling in a group, it just won’t be as important to follow all of them as you will be able to leverage the skills of your party members. So without further ado, let’s get right into it!


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    For those who prefer to read, here's a summary:

    Always be on the move

    This serves 2 purposes. The first one is quite simple, you make your playstyle less boring and you can slowly get from one point to another while dragging the mob you are fighting along with you. You’ll quest much faster by attacking while moving from point A to point B, rather than staying at point A, kill the mob, then make your way to point B.
    You also stay less often in the mob’s hit box, meaning that you will take less hits from the mob compared to standing still in front of it. Now, you won’t take 3-4 times less hits with this technique, but the few hits you can prevent here and there will make your leveling a lot smoother.

    Save up your mana

    I’ve said it and I’ll say it again, a Paladin without mana is a sad Paladin that isn’t achieving much. And there’s 2 ways you can save up a lot of mana while leveling: first, don’t overlap your seals too much. It’s easier said than done as I still do it from time to time by mistake, but you don’t need to refresh your seal if it still has 10 sec or more before expiring. The best case scenario would be to refresh it as soon as it expires, but since we’re not machines, try refreshing it in the last 5 sec as much as possible, it will save a lot of mana overtime.
    You also do not need to heal yourself to 100% health at all time. If your resources are full, you’re not pushing your limits enough and you are missing out on exp/hour. It’s a skill that takes a little bit of practice to master, but eventually you will gauge how much health you are comfortable with. If you’re low on health and need to heal, heal up to 75-80% and keep going. Unless you asspull, you’ll do just fine with your mail armor and your emergency buttons.

    Save up on your gold

    The early game in WoW, if I may call it that, is all about min-maxing your skills and resources; small gains here and there repeatedly can make a big difference. Therefore, save as much gold and loot as much as possible to buy a Wooden Mallet once you reach Goldshire or Kharanos. The damage bonus is incredible compared to your stock weapon and it will boost your efficiency tremendously. The only good upgrades after that, unless you’re lucky and find a green weapon, is either the Giant Mace at level 10, that can be bought in Ironforge or Storwind, or the Coldridge Hammer from the quest Protecting the Herd in Dun Morogh.
    Saving money to buy small bags early on is also a great way to guarantee your financial success. Small bags are much rarer from my experience in the stress tests compared to the private servers so do not expect your 4 bags to drop from mobs. Bags are the best investment you can make at early levels, as they allow you to carry more items, and by extension, make more gold. If you have enough gold to buy one, I’d strongly suggest you to buy one, unless you’re saving for a specific goal. You can buy bags from your inn at the general supplies vendor.

    Fight 2-3 mobs at the time

    This might take you a little bit of time to get used to, but it is the most efficient way to level up, until you reach level 10 or so; then mobs start to hit harder so you’ll need to adjust your playstyle. But early on, your mail is protecting you from a lot of damage and you have access to a heal and immunities if anything goes wrong. You have the best of both world in this situation and that allows you to push your limits even further than other classes. Since you’re a melee class, you’ll struggle to tag mobs against casters so tagging 2-3 at the time will allow you to get your share or mobs. If you kill one after the other and stay stationary while doing so, you will have a hard time completing killing/gathering quests. If mobs are spread out, it might be difficult but try your best. So start with 1-2, and get comfortable with that. If it’s your first time playing and you don’t feel comfortable pulling more than 1-2, it’s fine, just make sure to stay steady and safe.


    Now I wanted to share some useful macros that one of my subscriber, Henrik H, shared with me, they are a very nice and I will definitely put them to good use. So here they are:

    /cast Judgement

    This one is just your normal Judgement, but it also initiates your auto attack on the target. Quite essential.

    /cast [@mouseover,harm,nodead][] Judgement

    This one is VERY good for tagging mobs, if you see a mob spawn, simply hover over it, no need to even click (which saves time which allows you to be faster than other people). If your judgement is up, you will Judge the target, otherwise you will automatically target and start attacking the target. Highly recommended.
    And now, my favorite macro of them all:

    /equip battered buckler
    /equip Battleworn Hammer

    This last one is also useful for tagging mobs. As a Dwarf Paladin I looted quite a few Battered Bucklers early, these are not vendor trash (save 1 atleast)! With this macro and the buckler in your bag, you will swap between your starting 2h and fist+shield. Why fist (unarmed) you ask? Because fists have super high attack speed, meaning your attack hits the mob faster and you get the tag quicker. If you and another player click to attack the target at the same time, the one with the highest attack speed will strike first and get the tag. Simply run around with fist + shield, and when you manage to tag something, use this macro and you will begin using your normal 2h. When the mob is dead, use the macro again to unequip your slow 2h. Just don’t forget to upgrade this macro when you upgrade your 2H Mace, otherwise it will stop working! Big shoutout to Henrik H for sharing those with me!

    So that’s it for this video, I hope it will help you get out of your starting zone faster, I didn’t have the time to make it all nice and polished, but I thought that the info was really important to get out there before the launch to make sure guys get the best experience possible. If you liked it, critically hit that like button and sub it up. Also be aware that I will stream my leveling journey to 60 on YouTube and Twitch so follow me on Twitch, link's in the description! We’ll see us soon guys, until next time, have a good one and stay blessed.