Horde player on Skerum looking to start the Police Force

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    I have two very good ideas for great community guilds for classic.

    Azeroth PD - We will have an active duty team of officers that will help control the trouble and protect order for the levelers and questers of Azeroth. We will have proper leadership and chain of command to help keep things running smoothly. We will have official officer titles, Sergeants, investigators, dispatchers, and on the ground eyes. The system would work with allowing a large community in the guild, and then the people with issues will call for aid. The dispatchers will keep an accurate system of on duty guards and dispatch officers accordingly. This will allow a great efficiency in the defense of our people against the savage alliance. We will have raid teams and all that, but the main priority is to Protect and Serve!

    Sunday Mass - this guild will basically emulate a good homegrown Christian community but without all the religion stuff and inside wow. Raid times will be, you guessed it, on Sunday mornings following the morning sermons. It would be so great to meet up with the guild and have the raid pastor preach a few tales and lessons before we go to raid. I believe this would provide an amazing community inside classic and would be very meaningful to a lot of people.

    Anyone interested in building these ideas and communities with me please HMU on discord. keg#3824

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    Frostwolf Militia is a WPVP response guild that goes in line with your first idea. We're on Grommulus if you want to join us.

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