Paladin Dungeon Tank - Part 1

  • Introduction

    Howdy! There's a lot of info out there about raid tanking, so I wanted to make something that's more for the average Joe who has no interest in such affairs.
    This turned out to be longer than I thought so I broke it down into 2 parts. This first part is pretty straight forward as it only covers leveling, talents, and gear. A pretty generic video in that regard, but at least it provides some alternative gear choices and a primer for anyone who is completely new to the subject matter.

    The second part will be about mana conversation, and will contain a lot of useful information that people don't really seem to know about when it comes to getting through a dungeon without having to drink every other pull. If you guys like this video then I'll be sure to post part 2 here as well.


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  • @Boochie-Smash nice to see a fellow prot paladin 🙂 Also, you should mention Skullflame Shield scales with spell damage and related buffs, debuffs, etc... If I remember correctly it's the BIS shield for dealing threat.