Death Skipping from Kalimdor to Eastern Kingdoms - useful for leveling Night Elves

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    Using Skips While Leveling

    Death Skips are ways to save travel time by purposefully killing your character in key areas so that they resurrect at different locations than where you were. This allows you to effectively teleport around maps when used intelligently. Resurrecting and taking the durability hit and rez sickness may sound bad but added up these skips can save you literal hours of leveling time. Many of these skips including the Barrens Death Skip have been incorporated into our interactive leveling guide.

    1-60 Horde and Alliance Interactive Leveling Guide

    The guide was built around working with the least optimal leveling class (warrior) to make sure that everyone can succeed at the quests as they are obtained.
    We are still implementing features and optimizing the route so check back for more or contact us with your input on how to make it even better.

    The Problem with Night Elves

    You're a leveling Night Elf and have finished all level appropriate quests in Darkshore and want to get to all of the juicy quests in Westfall. The regular way to do that is to take the boat from Auberdine to Menethil Harbor and then run the long road from the Wetlands to Loch Modan to eventually Dun Morogh and Ironforge. There you can take the tram to Stormwind and then finally run through Elwynn Forest to Westfall. Phew. Travel time: way too long!

    The Menethil Harbor Death Skip

    Someone discovered a long time ago that you could skip a big (and the most dangerous) part of the journey by purposefully killing yourself down the coast right outside of Menethil Harbor. If you go along the coast far enough, your character will now register itself as being in Dun Morogh rather than the Wetlands. If you drown yourself here, instead of resurrecting at Menethil, you actually resurrect in Dun Morogh. Then it's a short run to Ironforge to continue the journey. This skip saves you about 25 minutes.

    The Barrens Death Skip

    There's an entirely different skip that @Navak discovered. This skip allows you to jump directly from The Barrens straight to Sentinel Hill, Westfall. That seems impossible right?


    When @Navak and @Egregious were making the leveling guide for Alliance they realized that there was possibly a way to bypass the entire Menethil Wetlands run. Realizing that there is a place in The Barrens where players are in an unlisted area of the world, Alliance players will be teleported to their "home" graveyard which is Sentinel Hill.

    Youtube Video

    Does this actually work???

    Armed with this knowledge he tried this on the beta and it did! His Night Elf character dies and instantly showed up in Sentinel Hill. So unless Blizzard changes this down the line, which doesn't seem likely, this skip will always be useful. If they fix this skip, expect them to also fix the Menethil death skip as well.

    Advantage over Wetlands Skip

    The Barrens death skip saves about 15 minutes over the standard Wetlands death skip. While the Wetlands one does unlock fight paths along the way it is still lost time to do it. Optimized routes that take the skip into account can easily blend in the path needed to get these. Serious speed runners will want to incorporate the Barrens Skip into their routes if they are playing Night Elf.

  • Initiate

    Hey man! Thanks for great tips, I have never heard about it especially about Barrens - Westfall death skip:)
    I want to ask u if you have some similar tips also for horde, some kind of shortcuts while leveling...

  • Initiate

    Is this confirmed during stress test? Couldn't find a video about it

  • Initiate

    @Peddy Yes it's confirmed. I tried it personally on the most recent stress test and there was footage of Navashed doing it on his twitch during a stress test. You probably couldn't find a video about it because it's legitimately a new skip found 15 years after classic.

  • Although, this works on stress test, I do hope it actually stays for launch.

  • Initiate

    Doesn't work on live

    Edit: Never mind, it does! For some reason when I got sent to Raven Hill cemetery though in the later part of the route.

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