Shamans and gold farming

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    Hello again, i'm trying to find out how to farm gold on end game as a shaman, i saw you can do dungeons with a warrior and i was wondering if we can do Lasher farming in DM or any other solo mob killing farm.

    Considering someone with a 30/0/21 spec.

  • Founder Shaman Horde

    @Lenant Lasher farming is super easy as elemental. Just make sure you are in mail, have a shield, and go the basic 30/0/21 or 31/0/20 with Eye of the Storm and Call of Fire. This is also a great PvP spec for open world and BGs and can even still heal in raids. Use Chain Lightning, Fire Nova Totem, rinse and repeat. You can farm other things this way as well. For example, open world farming and even some other dungeons packs

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