[Bug] Issues loading site on iPad's/iPhone

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    There seems to be an issue with the site when attempting to view it on an iPad running ios 9.3.5.
    I'm able to view the forums, about page, and other auxiliary parts of the site if I imput the URLs manually, but when attempting to view the main page (classicwow.live) or the leveling section (classicwow.live/leveling) I am just presented with a blank white screen.

    Tested this on an older iPhone, another iPad running the same version of iOS and the problem is the same. A friend is also experiencing the same issue, with a newer version of iOS.

    Have tried updating all devices, as well as tried various browsers in both mobile and desktop mode (Safari, Chrome, Firefox).

    Hopefully this can be sorted out soon, as the only downside to your guide is it pretty well requires a second screen.

    Great work, regardless Love what you folks have done here!!!


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    On further investigation it seems to be a combined issue of iOS and it's non-existent Java support(Why apple, why?!), and the site requiring client side Java.

    Not sure if there's a solution to this, but I guess it's something to note.

    Once again, love the site,a nd thank you folks for the hard work!! While I won't be using it now because of the incompatibility with my devices, I'll certainly recommend it to friends!!


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