Druid 1-60 Guide Class quests, Macros, Addons, Mobility , Stats

  • Introduction

    Before we start jumping into this guide I want to give huge credit to 3 druids that have done a lot for the druid community in classic wow. Ebbnflow, Shedothedruid and Taladril. None of this is possible without their contributions to the wow community. I will have links to their channels in the video guides description. I highly recommend you check them out.

    I will keep this guide updated and as I make more videos based on the druid life I will link them into the related categories.


    Youtube Video

    As many who know the saying, druids are like swiss army knives. The ultimate class for being absolutely adaptable to all situations. Even when spec'd in a feral tree path you are able to adapt to situations and be a bear tank for a moment or even adapt to the next situation to throw some great heals to yourself and your team. Plus, to many peoples surprise you are able to pull damage out of cat form that would surprise many of players. Although you are able to dish out great damage from your class. It comes with the cost of knowing some of the most complex rotations in the game of classic and knowing some very important factors that truly makes your class great.

    Once you choose the druid and you go down the path of leveling. You will discover a druids survivability is bar none. You will find this survivability through your adaptable tankiness through bear form and great healing over time abilities. No one will be able to touch your mobility while leveling and beyond. Due to these attributes you are a top tier leveler in the world of azeroth and if you enjoy the jack of all trades roll than leveling a druid will be one of the most enjoyable leveling classes that you could ever play in World of warcraft.

    Class Quests

    Druid class quests have definite value when completing them. With adding great tools to your kit such as Bearform, Cure Poison, Aquatic Form and a choice of a great item from the final quest in your Sunken temple quest chain.

    • Bear form Quest : You are able to obtain this quest at level 10. Before you do this quest at the bare minimum make sure you put your hearthstones in Thunder Bluff or Darnassus (If your quest guide you are following does not tell you to do so). This will save you great time while completing this quest. Once this quest is completed you will be granted bear form. The moonkin at the end of this quest is an absolute piece of shit, I would recommend you use entangling roots to start the fight and save a health pot for the encounter. With bear form you gain increased armor, health and a way to get out of effects such as polymorph, roots and snares.

    • Cure Poison Quest : You can obtain this quest at the level of 14. Although it can be useful in wailing caverns and other small pve encounters. Cure Poison can provide useful in situations where you are fighting a rogue. You are able to remove the poison, gain distance and "hot" (healing over time ) yourself. Or you just simple find an opportunity within the incursion to use the cure poison spell.

    • Aquatic Form Quest : This quest is obtainable at level 16. With this 50% speed increase while in water it can be a great benefit with occasional use. For example, if on the run from a player in open pvp you may be able to gain some distance swimming across a body of water.

    • Sunken Temple Quest : As every class receives a quest for Sunken Temple at level 50. Each class also receives these Sunken Temple class quests from multiple locations in the world. The druids Sunken Temple class quest “Bloodpetal Poison” is obtained in Un’goro crater by a quest giver named Torwa Pathfinder. You are able to choose between some decent blues for this completion.

    Mobility as a Druid

    One of druids greatest strengths and one of the reasons it makes them a very powerful leveler is the fact they get amazing movement speed bonuses from cat and travel form. Even after you achieve your mount at level 40 there are times were you will not use your 60 % mount over your travel form.

    • At Level 20 you will get the fantastic cat form! As long as you put a point into feline swiftness at level 20, which will give you 15% movement speed with cat form and another point in feline swiftness at 21. You will now have a 30% increase to speed with your cat form. You will also get the ability to dash at level 26 which is even usable in combat and will increase your movement speed to 50% for 15 seconds and can also be used while prowling. As you rank up dash it will increase its speed all the way to 80% movement speed at rank 3. A fantastic way to get around until level 30. (As a side note you CAN use cat form indoors )

    • At level 30 you will then obtain travel form ! With this 40% movement speed increase. What a huge quality of life for a druid! It will make everyone else leveling in the world very jealous as you zoom past them on your way to your next quest. So there is a question to be made here, when would you use travel form vs when you should just use your 60% speed mount instead. When your end destination is within 20 seconds away you will just use travel form. If it is a greater distance you will swap to mounting. ( Side note : You CAN NOT use travel form indoors.)


    Druids gain 1%crit = 20 Agility
    1 Agility = 1 Attack Power + 0.05 Crit
    1STR = 2.4 Attack Power with The talent Heart of the Wild.

    • You will always prioritize Agility until you reach the soft crit cap at [ 54.4% - Misschance%]
    • Hit cap for feral druids is 9%

    How to find out how much hit rating you need for any class - Here is a link to my video that shows you how to properly calculate Hit rating that you need. link

    Leveling 1-60

    Because of the high value abilities and forms given to the druid. They tend to have one of the best leveling experiences in all of Vanilla. With this “high value” naturally built into their kit they tend to become less gear dependent compared to other mele classes. The powerful value they get when on the leveling train is also buffered by their movement speed and being able to keep health up while constantly flipping between cat form and or bear form depending on your style of play. Going from form into heals to then back into your fighting form adds for a consistent leveling speed. (Side note : Weapon damage has no effect whilst in your forms however the stats do have an effect on your character thus why people refer to druids weapons as stat sticks.).

    • Rotations: Lets talk rotations for a minute. I will not give you a “rotation” that you should use. I will discuss little rotation concepts within the different leveling brackets. When I release my 60 feral cat guide I will discuss rotations a bit more for raid encounters as it will be of more importance. However in the open world pvp and in open worlds pve content you will need to be more adaptable. That is what playing a druid is all about.

    • 1-10 Leveling - Leveling 1-10 on a druid is probably my absolute least favorite parts of being a druid. All you have is some lame ass wraths to throw weaved in with staff attacks with occasional moonfires and heals. No forms just plain old Green ball shootin, staff blasting and green leaf chompin the whole ride to 10.

    • Starting out at level 1 you will find your wraths cost practically all your mana. As you level and gain a larger mana pool you will be able to start chaining wraths together weaved in with autos. Use moonfire after an auto attack so you are utilizing your auto attack down time while maximizing your dps.

    • When fighting multiple mobs 1-10 - When fighting a tougher battle maybe vs 2 mobs consider the value of your healing spells. For maximum efficiency kill mobs using your thorns while healing yourself.


    Alright now that you are 10 your life is not completely horrible

    • 10 - 20 Leveling - In general you will start the fight with a Wrath, "Dot" the target with moonfire possibly throwing a rejuvenation on yourself before going into bear using maul to dps the target down. Leveling as a druid from this point on, even when you shapeshift into cat form, you will want to make sure to keep moving and keep attacking while constantly switching out of forms after the fight to top yourself off with heals. Use your spells and always keep that mana off the 100 percent full.

    • Entangling Roots - You will receive entangling roots at level 10 . Also another great way to fight multiple mobs or use as an escape. An important note to make is that there is no diminishing returns when targeting mobs. So you are able to keep re-applying this spell.

    • 10 - 20 Multiple mobs - You will want to weave in enrage while you are fighting multiple mobs. Plus keep those heals and thorns up.


    Ok time for the real fun. It is a bit of a misconception that when you fight multiple targets as a druid while leveling you will need to jump into bear form. You caaaan do this coupled with heals before you jump to the form. However it is not necessary as a druid, while maintaining heals on your self can give you the opportunity to efficiently kill 2 targets while in cat form. Speed is a wonderful thing and you absolutely will take down the target much faster in cat form. If you can stay alive in the process plus keep your mana at a reasonable percent, then stay in that meow stab cat form and kill the targets efficiently.

    • 20-60 Leveling - There is some debate whether you should level with bear to about level 22 (when you get shred) or maybe even a bit past that but in my experience and some other high level druid players experience, leveling with cat form in the classic retail gives you the ultimate efficiency and speed. At the end of the day play it how you want but cat is the most efficient as far as speed is concerned. ( Side Note : “Front Shredding” was used in private servers for cat leveling. However in Retail Classic WOW this method of “Front Shredding “ does not work.)


    Once you achieve 31 you will be able to get the talent Faerie Fire.This 175 armor reduction for 40 seconds instant ability is going to be from now on how you start your fights as a feral druid. When you hit 32 I find it best when using the finisher Ferocious bite. However, rip is never a bad option when in elongated skirmishes.

    Talents - There are a few different ways you can choose your talents while leveling a druid. I highly recommend you really read the talents and decide for yourself what will be advantageous for you. In general The talent path I am following in this video will be more focused on leveling speed. However consider other talents in a different pattern to help yourself in more highly dense pvp times. As I will follow this talent path, I also plan to stay in the leveling lead on classic release. Down the road I would consider going more pvp talents heavier first. Starting with talents like Nature’s grasp and dipping into feral instinct over feral aggression can set you up for better pvp situations in the world. Lets dive into the more leveling focused talent path.

    • 5/5 Ferocity
    • 5/5 Feral Aggression
    • 2/2 Feline Swiftness
    • 1/1 Nature’s Grasp
    • ⅕ Brutal Impact
    • 1/1 Feral Charge
    • 3/3 Sharpen claws
    • 2/2 Blood Frenzy
    • ⅔ Predatory Strikes
    • 1/1 Faerie Fire
    • 3/3 Predatory Strikes
    • 2/2 Savage Fury
    • 5/5 Heart of the Wild
    • 1/1 Leader of the Pack
    • 4/4 Improved Nature’s Grasp
    • 5/5 Natural Weapons
    • 1/1 Omen of Clarity
    • 3/3 Improved Thorns
    • 5/5 Furor (Restoration tree)

    Just chose what you want in the last point

    • ⅓ Natural Shapeshifter


    • Druid Bar Classic - This addon is a movable mana bar that keeps track of your current mana while in shapeshifting form. Although it is not fully accurate especially if you get hit with some kind of mana boost like a intervate. It works great otherwise.

    • Energy Tracker - At the time of making this guide for classic release they have not announced a good energy tracking add on yet. However I would recommend you look for one as it can make tracking your energy while in cat form much more convenient.


    • Maul
      #showtooltip Maul
      /cast Maul

    • Swipe
      #showtooltip Swipe
      /cast Swipe

    • Cancel Form and cast Entangling Roots
      #showtooltip Entangling Roots
      /cast Entangling Roots

    • Hurricane Mouseover
      #showtooltip Hurricane
      /cast [@cursor] Hurricane

    • Cancel Form Cast Moonfire
      #showtooltip Moonfire
      /cast Moonfire

    • Dismount Stealth
      #showtooltip Prowl
      /cast Cat Form
      /cast Prowl

    • Powershifting- You will see me talk about druid power shifting in upcoming guides as well. Powershifting is referring to going from a shift form to your race form back into your shift form again.

    • Powershift Bear potion
      /cast [stance:1] Bear Form
      /use [stance:0] Healing Potion
      /cast [nostance:1] !Bear Form

    • Dash to cat from any form
      #showtooltip Dash
      /cancelform [noform:3]
      /cast [noform:3] !Cat Form
      /cast [noform:3] Dash