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    BEFORE THE STORM - A cinematic film dedicated to Classic World of Warcraft that features a mix of handcrafted scenes, gameplay clips and more as players prepare to step back into the past and begin the journey once more.

    The BTS Project is a significant milestone when it comes to the channel and the idea of doing a PVP based project has always been on my mind but I wanted to go a bit further and explore doing more based on the experience I've gained from my prior Classic Boss Guide Projects.

    It's the story of two Warriors dueling in a barren wasteland filled with the dying remnants of their armies wrapped around years of PVP gameplay clips featuring one of the leading North American guilds - Scuba Cops - wrapped around a tribute project dedicated to the dozens of developers and thousands of players that kept the dream alive.

    Track List
    INTERCOM - Decoy World (VIP)
    Maor Levi - Pixel Hearts
    Metrik - Dawnbreaker
    Nitro Fun - Home

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