[Xalvion] Pyrewood Village PVE/PVP Guild Alliance/Horde

  • Initiate

    We are a social guild and want to make an Alliance and a Horde guild joining the classic race to level 60
    We are looking for a raiding team to players who have similar feelings for the game to be able to clear content in a great time and respectful manner
    if you looking for the social side for the guild don’t worry your in luck

    Raid times will be discussed once a full team is fulfilled and who are dedicated
    We are a very friendly guild who also create events for our guild members and host dung clear runs for newcomers who deserve it

    We have a Guild/Discord inactivity in place to keep the guild active and fresh, Random Events, We arrange world pvp and bgs

    Are you interested?
    There is a apply form on our discord for all applicants

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