Ultimate 1-60 Warlock Leveling Guide v3 (Wands, Rotation, Talents. Pets & More)

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    Class Overview

    Warlocks are self reliant Tier 1 levelers with access to a plethora of viable talent builds and multiple flexible playstyles. There are many ways to effectively pilot a Warlock and this flexibility to me is one of the coolest aspects of the class. Whether you’re a player that prefers increased single target kill speed at the expense of defense, or someone who prefers increased multi-target proficiency at the cost of single target offense, the Warlock class has something to offer everyone and will allow your personal sensibilities to shine through your play.

    Warlocks are a Pet Class and with that comes the general playstyle of having one of your three Demon Pets tank incoming damage for you as you stay at range. The level scaling and damage mitigation offered by your Pet alone makes Warlock more Gear Independant than other classes. With regard to Weapon Progression, Warlocks use Wands which out of all the Weapon Types have one of the smoothest Ramps to 60.

    One of the most noteworthy and impressive aspects of the Warlock class is their ability to use both Health and Mana as interchangeable resources. They are able to achieve this through a variety of talents/abilities such as Life Tap, Drain Health, Drain Mana, Imp. Drain Soul, Dark Pact, Healthstones and more! Warlocks are capable of using these abilities to generate on demand Health or Mana which offers them unparalleled levels of resource management. Careful manipulation of your resources empowers the Warlock with the ability to sustain combat indefinitely if played well.

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    The guide suggests picking up the Warlock only quest 'In Search of Menara Voidrender' at level 30 along with 'Seeking Strahad' in Orgrimmar from the Cleft of Shadow, but this quest isn't available until level 31. The comment entered in the guide for this particular quest is "lol" which implies the author knows this isn't possible at level 30 and is trolling the rest of us Warlocks. We Forsaken aren't known for our sense of humor, and I even less so find this amusing. 😛

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    @Tiffany-Laymon exactly what I mentioned. Seems like it's always a level off. Not sure if private servers were wrong and that's what happened when making these.