The leveling guide is fantastic. Here are 3 ideas for making it even better:

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    I love the guide, and donated $15 just now to the project. It's great and I'd like to see it get even better:

    1. There are often many steps crammed into a small div with y-overflow: scroll. This makes it so I can only see a few steps at once on my 1080p monitor with the browser at full screen. Could you reorganize the page so that more space is dedicated to listing steps? Eyeballing the page, it looks like there's room enough to double it.

    2. Let us add comments to a page of instructions. The guide is great, but could absolutely benefit from the wisdom of the crowd.

    Here are a couple of examples of the kind of small comments I would've made along the way:

    • I once died in the wrong spot, not far enough forward and ended up at a graveyard far away from the intended area.
    • A few times, the location of specific mobs or quest items was confusing and I would've loved to offer a quick tip to help clarify.
    • There've been a couple times when I would've recommended against completing a quest if you're ahead of the leveling curve in certain situations, like lots of players being around ("Ignition" is one of those quests, I think).
    • There are also a couple questionable spirit rezzes that I think are not necessary.
    1. The forward and back buttons on the browser don't seem to be properly hooked into the browser history api. You click on a step, it seems to be a link, an entry in the history is added, and yet, the back button doesn't rewind that history.

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    @melkster1 Thanks a lot for this feedback. We will look into all of these topics, especially a place for feedback, that is brilliant.

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