To much Quest items...lack of bag space and lack information in the Guide

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    Its very good guide with lots of options and very easy to use but(!) there same quest items thats you take it very very long time with you. For example Alliance 16 lvl quest "Hilary's Necklace"... i get this item, its actually not so far away from quest give, turn back and give quest would take only 1 minute...but i take this item with me until 19(!) Lvl...cross of Westfall then back. Maybe its only 1 Bagslot but at low level every bag slot is very precious. Or Dry time in Lakeshire, in end of day its 4 Quest time...i have no clue how long it take "Hand in", there is no info at first. I must search in Guide manuell...nearly for every quest it is the same thing. And a small "Tipp" that i need "6 item" don´t help me so much here, if i don´t know for which quest it is(or how long it take to hand in). Or Bronce tube is another example, first time suggestion is to take from Darkdust with level 19 and its for Gnomergan(or maybe not..i will see in many days later) around lvl 30 ini??! Maybe i play slow and it will take weeks that i be level 30 and take this item all the time with me..

    Solution is very easy : evertime if i begin to collect quests items, just write in guide "for which quest, in which level" it is. I can put it in my Bank or send to altchar then back or whatever. No one need to search cross of guide "for what it is"(or take is many levels). Ofcours what i tell you is not for quest "hand in" few minuts after i take it.

    I really hope you add this kind information and i also hope you understand what want to tell, my english is not the best one 🙂

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