Feedback on the leveling guide

  • Initiate

    Hey guys, love the project. Here is some feedback on the leveling guide:

    • [Mid] Make quests skippable (or "complete") which removes them from the guide to reduce clutter. Especially noticeable with quests in The Barrens that are unnecessarily listed dozens of times

    • [Mid] Build an "active quests" pane. Inevitably you get off track of the guide but want to see exactly what your quest log should look like at that point in the guide.

    • [Low] When I zoom out/in on the map, then hover over the listed objects on the left hand side, it undoes my zoon

    • [Low] Put coords next to each marker on the map to reduce interaction/clicking with the guide. This could be a toggle for those not using coords.

    • [Low] When markers on the minimap occupy the same coords, don't stack them. Make them buffer so the user has some sense of a cluster.

    This is a stretch, but most people have the screen real estate so it's not totally unreasonable: I wish I could see the current step AND next step simultaneously. Sometimes I'll open two windows so that I can always see N and N+1. It helps to anticipate and study ahead when you have downtime running/flying etc.

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