<Kek>(Knights of Eastern Kingdoms) |Grobbulus| CST/EST/PST [Alliance] {PvE: Undecided/PvP} (Semi-Hardcore)

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    <Kek> Knights of Eastern Kingdoms (With a guild name like <Kek> we often get confused as 4chan trolls, however we are NOT!)

    <Kek> is looking for new members! Our main focuses our PvP and Raiding, RP will be light but is totally accepted. If you RP we will try to help keep that experience going for you.

    We aren't looking for anyone specific; newbies and vets are both welcome to join. We simply want you to enjoy grouping together for Raids/WPvP/questing.

    At this point in time we don't have any raid schedule, if you are interested in being apart of the raid group development and scheduling please contact us.

    We don't really have many rules. Our guild supports free speech (however this does not mean random trolling and being a complete asshole.) Free speech is more important to us than your feelings. If you are very easily offended, this guild is not for you. Also, have Discord please.

    (Most of us are CST)

    If you would like more information, or are interested in joining please contact:

    Discord - HyDru#9008 / Veggum#6969 (Nice)

    WoW - Ru / Yu

    Have a great day everyone.

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