Week 1-2 Update & What I Learned Leveling To 50 | Classic WoW

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    Interest ya'n a pint? In this video, I go over the highlights of my journey to level 50 and I also share leveling tips that will help you have a much better leveling experience!

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    For those who prefer to read, here is a summary of what I learned while leveling up to 50 (skip to 6:25 in the video)

    Death warps:

    • These are amazing time savers. If you are somewhere in a zone and you’ve completed all your quests but you are far from the NPCs you need to talk to to complete your quests, dying on purpose can save you a lot of travelling time.
    • For example, at one point in the Classicwow.live leveling guide, if you’re a Dwarf or a Gnome, it tells you to go to the North Gate Pass in Dun Morogh and complete the quests The Lost Pilot and A Pilot’s Revenge.
      Afterwards it tells you to die and resurrect in Kharanos before going to Ironforge. Well that saves you a lot of time as you can instantly get back to Kharanos. And I tested it myself, and the walk from those two points takes about 5 mins!
    • Therefore, shaving minutes off your played time that way can drastically help you to level faster. This is a good habit to develop early, because at lower levels, the Resurrection Sickness doesn’t last its full duration. Before level 10, a player cannot suffer from the Resurrection Sickness, and at level 10, it lasts 1 min, then +1 min per level up to its full duration by level 20.

    Westfall Teleportation

    • Now this is pretty much a death warp technique but it is so good that I had to put it in its own category. So there is a default Graveyard for both the Alliance and the Horde in Azeroth: Sentinel Hill and The Crossroads.
    • And if you end up in a unknown zone where you basically fall in the cracks of the world and you happen to have your hearthstone on cooldown or none at all, you will be sent to your respective default graveyard on death. And this has to be one of the best tip of this guide!
    • So for the Alliance, if you get to the north of The Barrens, you will end up in an unknown zone and you can use the unstuck feature to die and get teleported all the way back to Westfall instantly (if you don’t have a hearthstone in your bags or if it is on cooldown).
    • This obviously saves you a tremendous amount of time and lots of problems. Try it out yourself, you’ll be amazed at how effective this technique is! And I’m sure there is an awesome ninja teleportation trick for the Horde as well, check out the leveling guide for more info!

    Shortcut to Menethil

    • Now if you are a Human, a Gnome or a Dwarf, there are 2 ways that you can get from Dun Morogh to Menethil Harbor. There’s the pleb way where you walk all the way through Loch Modan then through the Wetlands to finally get to Menethil Harbor, or, there’s the badass way of climbing up the mountains in Dun Morogh, and cross over to the Wetlands.
    • Once in the Wetlands, all you have to do is die and you will resurrect at the Spirit Healer right beside Menethil Harbor. And from there, there aren’t any mobs in your way, so you can grab the flight path and then come back to Ironforge or Stormwind and keep leveling. Afterwards, if you have to get to Kalimdor, in Darkshore for example, you already have the flightpath and you do not need to worry about getting killed multiple times!

    Raven Hill Merchant

    • Now this guide is not only showing you where and when to turn in quests, it also tells you and shows you where to vendor and repair your gears. For example, did you know that there is a neutral vendor in Raven Hill? If you are in Raven Hill Cemetery and your bags are full, no need to go all the way back to Darkshire or Sentinel Hill: just go south and into the inn building, then upstairs and boom! You’ll have your bags empty in no time! I assume it also works for Horde players.

    So the next step from now on is to hit 60 obviously, and the goal is before September 21st. After that I’ll be in dungeon farming mode and I’m eager to hit 60 and farm dungeons with members of the community to get gold, gears, fun and experience. So that’s all for today, we’ll see us soon for another update video one I hit 60, and if you don’t want to miss anything, critically hit that subscribe button and follow us on Twitch! Until next time guys, have a good one, and stay blessed!