Drain Life's Damage Source?

  • Warlock Druid Horde

    I've noticed that most of the time, I seem to do more consistent damage with drain life than I do shadow bolt. In PVP, I hate waiting 3 seconds for a spell to pop when someone is actively hacking into you. I've played around a little bit with stat gear, shadow gear, and +to healing spells and effects gear.

    Which of these gear types would make drain life do way more damage and way more healing?

    Just testing between a really stat shoulders and swapping them for +20 shadow shoulders made my drain life do an additional 3 per tick, but where's the rest of that 17 going?

    I took all mygear off andmy life drain at level 40 was doing 40 per tick. Each piece of gear I added raised the tick number by 1-2. Seems to cap out on me at 50. Thing is, I have multiple items of each type( +to healing and magic, + to shadow) and the + to damage doesn't seem to present itself other than 1-2 damage per tick. I would think adding the +20 shoulders for example would make Drain Life 70 per tick.

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