AoE Farming in SM as Prot Paladin

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    Howdy all, this guide is designed to provide an overview of how to be effective in AoE farming dungeons as a prot paladin. It's basically what you already do as one, but since kids these days are doing their spell cleave stuff, this is going to be more geared towards doing that properly. Paladin tanks are always the best for this, since they can also deal damage while kiting unlike other tanks. I'll be doing a series covering all the dungeons, but for now SM is the most common and that's where I'll begin.

    Youtube Video

    The video above provides footage and more detailed explanations of pulls, but the general idea for SM is as follows:

    1. Your primary goal is to kite mobs and generate threat via consecrate. While you can afford to lose melee mobs to mages it's important to maintain aggro on all ranged mobs. This applies to every dungeon you do, and it's literally the reason tanks are still useful in this meta.
    2. You need a pet class to effectively set up pulls because running around gathering all the mobs by yourself is going to be too difficult and time consuming. Warlocks can use eye of kilrog, but if you opt for a hunter then it's best to loosely follow their pet and grab the mobs off it near the end of the pull since you don't want the pet to die all the time.
    3. You need at least 1 mage for slows, but 2 is ideal for better uptime.