Guild: <Nevermore> [Horde][HEROD][Semi-Hardcore/PvP][Loot Council]

  • Initiate

    Raid Times: Tues, Wed 9PM - 12AM ET

    Goals: Rekindle our romance with Vanilla by forming a close knit, active family of gamers. We will be focusing on raiding content as it's released, clearing content in a respectable manner, being one of the top guilds on our server. Beyond raiding we will be doing plenty of World PvP and pre-made BGs; if it's red, it's dead!

    Sup?: We have vast experience in Vanilla raiding or obtained Rank 12+ in PvP. We also have members that are just looking for an active and friendly community to call home and that's what we offer. We are very active in game and on Discord, chatting throughout the day and night. We are a large family, just like Vanilla, where everyone works together for the common good, and everyone knows everyone. We've lost a few members due to the Queue Boss and we're looking to refill those ranks.

    Needs: We're looking for exceptional, experienced Vanilla raiders. Social members looking for a family. PvPers looking to grind Honor. Players that want to be part of a large, successful organization.

    Raid Needs:
    Druid: Low
    Hunter: Low
    Mage: Full
    Holy Priest: Full
    Rogue: Medium
    Shaman: High
    Warlock: Full
    DPS Warrior: High
    Warrior Tank: Full

    About Nevermore: We're seasoned gamers in our late 20's, 30's and 40's. We know what it takes to get the job done in Classic and we're willing to put in the time and effort. We're looking for like minded Guildies. We have a very active Discord with people on all hours of the day and we are very active in game. We start Molten Core on October 1st. Come join our family.



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