Classic Restoration Druid

  • Restoration druids are strong assets to most guilds in classic if they are played correctly.
    They provide some unique abilities other healing classes do not. Only alliance class with Nature's swiftness (shaman have it as well), a second instant heal with a 15 seconds cooldown (Swiftmend), Rebirth (battle resurrect), Innervate which should be given to a top healer (which can often be themselves) or a top caster dps situationally, Faerie Fire (a debuff that should be used on every encounter), Mark of the wild, 2x heal over time spells (banned from warriors in some raids) for encounters with constant raid damage or loss of control abilities, Remove Curse, Abolish Poison.

    The burst healing done by a restoration druid with Wushoolay’s charm (Zul'Gurub Edge of Madness trinket) is only matched by priests who also farm their Edge of Madness trinket.

    The Moonglow build makes druids arguably the most mana efficient healers for progression content.
    The Swiftmend build is actually an optimal flag carrying build and arguably the best druid player vs. player build in general, making druids one of the best healers for someone who doesn’t want to respec and still play an optimal build for player vs. player/environment.
    The Regrowth build can arguably pump the highest healing per second of any healer as long as the raid can kill content fast enough that the mana inefficient playstyle can be sustained.

    Taladril's List of Druid Gear
    If you start with the stat weights from Taladril’s gear list you can work from there. With moonglow the most important stat, by far, is +healing. So you can drop the weights of all the other stats, especially "mana per 5 seconds" since moonglow is so efficient.

    With Regrowth build, +healing’s value drops some due to the lower scaling of regrowth. The regrowth druid is the only healer that gets true value out of +critical, all other healers will just turn +critical into overhealing. In general you should still go for +healing, but get +critical if you have the chance to trade around 10 +healing for it. 1 spell critical is 10 +healing for rank 3 Regrowth, 14 +healing for rank 5 Regrowth, 26 +healing for max rank Regrowth.

    Swiftmend is more of a balanced build that is less efficient than moonglow but still gets a ton of value from +healing, so I tend to accept the stat weights as is for the swiftmend build (maybe not "mana per 5 seconds" though)

    Best in slot for every phase
    Restoration gear
    The Classic list
    Flag carrier gear
    Balance player vs. player gear
    Class priority/best in slot list

    Cenarion Raiment
    Cenarion Raiment is considered to be weaker than pre raid best in slot gear for raid healing, but the massive stamina, intellect and Increased Critical Spell bonus are very nice during early phases for player vs. player.

    Improved Thorns Damage bonus and Improved Thorns (18+4) x 1,75 = 38,5 (39).

    Darkmoon Card: Blue Dragon (Phase 3)
    In theory it's better than Shard of the scale as soon as you get closer to phase 3 best in slot gear, but in reality it's often worse than Mindtap Talisman. It's all about how much spirit you have on your gear. Aura of the blue dragon does not stack with the tier 2 Meditation bonus or Innervate 100% regen. Darkmoon Card: Blue Dragon does not proc on heal over time ticks only on the initial cast. The Aura of the blue dragon proc is spirit based regen only.

    Throw it on for fast paced trash, or for content that require a lot of dispels, or for content that you just find yourself really mana starved even while full consuming. It should not be used to mitigate consume usage if you are trying to min/max.

    Here are some graphs showing difference for various spirit levels.
    [Img1] [Img2] [Img3] [Img4] [Code]

    Equation to find Darkmoon Blue Dragon's average effectiveness over many many spellcasts:
    Mana per 5 seconds = (1 - 0.98^(15/T))*(1 - r) * R

    T = average cast time
    r = 0, 0.15 or 0.3 pending on combat Mana Regen from talents and 3 piece tier 2
    R = natural Mana Regen which, for druids is ((Spirit / 5) + 15) * 5/2

    Stormrage Raiment (Phase 3)
    Comparison for Zul'Gurub and Blackwing lair (not world dragons) best in slot and 3 set tier 2. In order from "worst" to "best".
    1: Zulian Headdress, Robes of the exalted, Stormrage Legguards, Stormrage Bracers and Stormrage Handguards
    2: Stormrage Cover, Robes of the exalted, Empowered Leggings, Stormrage Bracers and Stormrage Handguards
    Difference from first: +3 heal, +1.03% critical, +2 intellect and +6 spirit.
    3: Zulian Headdress, Stormrage Chestguard, Empowered Leggings, Stormrage Bracers and Stormrage Handguards
    Difference from second: +1.07% critical, +4 intellect, +8 spirit and -6 mana per 5 seconds.
    Difference from first: +3 heal, +2.1% critical, +6 intellect, +14 spirit and -6 mana per 5 seconds.

    Faster Regrowth Cast bonus with Nature's Grace effect reduces Regrowth casting time to 1.3 seconds, but is limited by global cooldown.

    Increased Rejuvenation Duration bonus is nice on fights like Firemaw, Viscidus, Sapphiron, Kelthuzad, trash where there's constant damage eg. gargoyle pulls in Naxxramas, or before Remove curse or Abolish poison phases. Just blanket people, but in general you don't use it that much. An 8/8 tier 2 druid can top meters using Rejuvenation as primary heal.
    The Rejuvenation with the highest healing per second has a higher priority regardelss of talents and set bonus.

    Zandalarian Hero Charm (phase 4)
    If you cast 12 heals in 20 seconds you get the full value from Zandalarian Hero Charm, which is an 'average' of 221 +heal for those 12 casts. Many druids won't get the full value, because you'd have to be casting one heal every ~1.66 seconds. Best spec for Zandalarian Hero Charm is Regrowth.

    Improved Regrowth can cast 12 spells in 20 seconds (with Nature's Grace procs) and get the full value of +healing available to the trinket, which is 2652 +heal. Unlike static +heal trinkets, the 2652 is total +heal gained over the course of a fight regardless of duration. Royal Seal of Eldre'Thalas gives 44 +heal, so at ~1.66 seconds per cast, you'd need 60 casts (or 100 seconds) to get more total healing from Royal Seal of Eldre'Thalas than Zandalarian Hero Charm.

    If you're using Healing Touch rank 4 you can only cast 8 heals, which is total +heal of 2312 (regardless of fight duration).
    A 50 second fight with constant Healing Touch rank 4 spam is 20 casts, which is 880 total +heal from Royal Seal of Eldre'Thalas. To break even the fight should be 52 casts, which is 130 seconds or longer.

    Zandalarian Hero Charm and Hibernation crystal bonus healing effect stack.

    Wushoolay's Charm of Nature (phase 4)
    Wushoolay's charm of nature from Zul'Gurub will make any druid amazing for 15 seconds every 3 minutes. It's by far the best heals per second trinket, they even nerfed it in the burning crusade expansion else it would be still best in slot there. Wushoolay’s is strongest after massive area of effect damage goes out (Gluth’s decimate is a great example) or in a short fights like Shazzrah.

    Nimble Healing Touch effect reduces the cast time by a flat 40%, after all other reductions, which works out to a talented Healing Touch cast time of 1.2 seconds for rank 3 (do not use), 1.5 seconds for rank 4, and 1.8 seconds for rank 5+. Wushoolay's Charm of Nature can be used with Zandalarian Hero Charm, they do not share cooldown.

    Hibernation crystal (phase 4)
    Hibernation crystal is better than Zandalarian Hero Charm if your cast time is below 1.8 seconds. But, more realistically, you won't be able to get the 10th cast off Zandalarian Hero Charm within 20 seconds, so it's more likely 2448 total healing added. So, Hibernation crystal would still be slightly better in practice with 2 seconds spells. This does not take into account the possibility of using it more often in a longer fight where spells with >= 2 seconds casting time become more relevant. The lower cooldown on Hibernation crystal also means that it can be used more often than Zandalarian Hero Charm.

    The diminishing bonus healing from Zandalarian Hero Charm will often make it impossible to refresh heal over time spells in the last couple of seconds of uptime, whereas you can always end a Hibernation crystal phase with +350 healing added to all heal over time spells.

    1.8 seconds average spell speed:

    Hibernation crystal: 8 * 350=2800 total healing added.
    Zandalarian Hero Charm: 408+374+340+306+272+238+204+170+136+102+68=2618 total healing added.

    2 seconds average spell speed:

    Hibernation crystal: 7 * 350=2450 total healing added.
    Zandalarian Hero Charm: 408+374+340+306+272+238+204+170+136+102+68=2550 total healing added.

    Idols (phase 5)
    Idol of Rejuvenation adds 12.5 health per tick of Rejuvenation (50 health for the full duration) regardless of rank. 10 health per tick with the Increased Rejuvenation Duration tier 2 bonus. Equipping idol triggers global cooldown.

    Idol of Health is a 5-7.5% increase in healing output for healing touch. Going from Jin'do's Hexxer to Scepter of the False Prophet is 9.5% increase. This makes Idol of Health the second biggest upgrade possible for a druid in ‎Temple of Ahn'Qiraj (AQ40). It's also a bigger upgrade than any item in Blackwing Lair.

    Head/Legs: Animist's Caress (Phase 4), Arcanum of Focus (Phase 2), +150 mana, Arcanum of Constitution
    Shoulders: Resilience of the Scourge (Phase 6), Zandalar Signet of Serenity (Phase 4), Chromatic Mantle of the Dawn
    Back: Subtlety (Phase 5), Greater Resistance
    Chest: +4 stats, +100 mana
    Bracer: Healing Power (Phase 3), Superior Spirit, Superior Stamina
    Gloves: Healing Power (Phase 5), Riding Skill
    Boots: Minor Speed, Mithril Spurs
    Weapon: Healing Power, Spell Power
    Innervate: Mighty Spirit (Phase 3), Major Spirit

    1 Intellect = 15 mana | 60 Intellect = 1% Spell Critical
    1 Intellect = 1 mana per 5 second @ 75 seconds

    Mana Regen = 15 + (Spirit/5) mana per 2 Seconds
    Mana per spirit when not casting = 0.5 mp5
    Mana per spirit when innervated = 2.5 mp5
    Mana per spirit @ 15% regen = 0.075 mp5
    Mana per spirit @ 30% regen = .15 mp5

    1 Stam = 10 Health

    Stat weight
    Stat weights generally go 0-3 points per "mana per 5 seconds", 3-12 points per spell critical, 0-2 points per spirit, 0-1.5 points per intellect, 1-1.2 point per healing (the standard stat for weighting). They change based on needs, but this should get you a generally accepted best in slot list.

    Healer stat weights are ever changing based on the fight and everything happening. Plan your gear for the fight duration/damage output. Using a one size fits all stat value is a bad idea for a healer. More mana or "mana per 5 seconds" is useless if you don't consume that mana, for example.
    Have a set with the most +heal you can manage and then save a set of "mana per 5 seconds"/spirit/intellect for longer fights, or fights where you go out of mana before it ends, or during trash if the raid pace is fast.

    Spell coefficients
    Heals with a cast time below 3,5s has its Bonus Heal multiplied with the cast time divided by 3,5 (Bonus Heal*(Cast Time/3,5). This penalty is calculated before talent reduce, so Improved Healing Touch does not affect this penalty. Spells learned below level 20 suffers from a penalty that is calculated by the following formula: 1 - ((20 - lvl) * 0,0375) (lvl = Level that the spell is acquired). So for rank 1, the penalty would be 1-((20-1)*0,0375) = 0,2875. Like the Cast Time Penalty, this does not affect the base heal, but the bonus healing added to the basic spell.

    Healing touch Rank 3 = 55%, base casting speed 2.5
    Healing touch Rank 4 = 85.7% base casting speed 3
    Healing touch Rank 5+ = 100% base casting speed 3.5
    Regrowth Rank 3+ = 28.6% direct heal (42.9% critical) and 49.7% for heal over time buff.
    Rejuvenation Rank 4+ = 80%
    Tranquility All ranks = 33.5%
    Starfire All ranks = 100%
    Wrath Rank 4+ = 57.1%
    Moonfire Rank 4+ = 15% direct damage and 52% for damage over time debuff.
    Insect Swarm All ranks = 94.6%
    Entangling Roots Max Rank = 29.7%
    Hurricane All ranks = 30%

    Improved Rejuvenation and Gift of Nature only increase the base heal amount (no bonus to +healing/damage), stack multiplicatively (26.5% increase to base Rejuvenation), worth ~250 +healing on rank 10 Rejuvenation. Rank 5 Gift of Nature is equivalent of ~250 extra +healing to rank 11 Healing Touch but only ~40 extra +healing to rank 3 Healing Touch.

    Improved Regrowth just increases the chance your direct heal will be a critical heal. Heal over time spells can’t critical heal in classic.
    Improved Regrowth is additively stacking with spell critical.

    Swiftmend +healing is accounted for at the same rate as Rejuvenation or Regrowth. Swiftmend of rank 10 Rejuvenation will heal 756 (before talents) +80% of your +healing. The +healing is based on the caster of Swiftmend, not the caster of the heal over time spell. Swiftmend consume the healing over time spell with the least time left on the target. Swiftmend do not benefit from the increased rejuvenation duration tier 2 set bonus.

    Reflection allow % of your spirit based mana regen to continue while casting. Reflection has no extra benefit to regen 5 second after you last spent mana. Reflection stack additively with the tier 2 Meditation set bonus.

    Furor is a must for player vs. player. Quick Bash, Demoralizing Roar to get rogues out of stealth, lets you open on people if you need to stealth quickly, and you don't have to wait 6 seconds to get energy for a Pounce. Furor has a ~0.5 second delay.

    Improved Enrage generates instant rage. It can be good in player vs. player for fast Bash, Demoralizing Roar, extra rage for Frenzied Regeneration, or to speed up Feral Charge. Canceling Enrage doesn't stop the armor debuff. You will stil get -% on your armor for 10 seconds.

    Heart of the Wild, Greater Blessing of Kings and Spirit of Zandalar stack multiplicatively.

    Moonglow, Tranquil Spirit, Nimble Healing Touch stack additively (0.09 + 0.1 + 0.05 = 0.24).

    Improved Entangling Roots is one of the best player vs. player talents you can pick because it makes your only crowd control usable when eating attacks. If you have improved entangling roots, then trigger nature's grace with moonfire, you'll be able to cast a full root within their global cooldown. So it's impossible for them to interrupt you.

    Nature's reach enhances your ability to dish out damage while being uncatchable. Rank 2 adds +6 yards to Entangling Roots, Starfire, Moonfire, Faerie Fire, Wrath, Hurricane, Faerie Fire (Feral).

    Talent builds
    Classic Druid Builds

    The Swiftmend build is a full resto build that focuses on getting Swiftmend at the bottom of the talent tree. It is a solid all-purpose healing build.

    This deep resto build gives the druid an extra big instant heal every 15 second, making the druid one of the strongest tank healers in the game ready to top off any spike damage in a flash. It’s important to manage and track your own heal over time spells because it can become very inefficient to consume another druid’s low ranked heal over time spells instead of your own max ranked heals over time spells. This build goes back to prioritizing +healing since healing touch will be the most cast spell between heals over time spells and Swiftmend cooldowns. Swiftmend is less mana efficient than Moonglow but more heal per second, and it is more mana efficient than Regrowth but will put up less heal per second. Swiftmend is also the strongest resto player vs. player build, a good Swiftmend druid is virtually unkillable. This makes this build very enticing to any druid who does no want to respec every week to do player vs. player between raids.

    This build focuses on Nature's Grace and Moonglow in balance and pairing it with the basic healing talents in resto to provide an extremely efficient Healing Touch based build. This build was classically used in late raiding. It is useful with more crit, though finding crit on healing gear is a bit rare.

    It is very mana efficient. It allows you to itemize for as much + healing as possible, creating very strong down ranked healing touch. It’s true strength is shown on fights with predictive spike damage. If you can precast big heal’s that go off right after your target takes large spike damage then you’ll truly shine. Topping off raid damage tends to be feel really slow in comparison to regrowth built druids, or any other healing class. Moonglow druids tend to run the most +healing and can afford the mana for max rank healing over time spells, making them a good choice to keep big heals over time rolling on tanks or anyone taking consistent damage.

    Moonglow is very good during first week of Molten Core, everyone is poor in consumes, and most pre-best in slot is pure + healing, even the green “of healing” items. Moonglow can afford to keep casting healing touch for days when raid damage is at its slowest and mana pools are the smallest.
    Basically any “progression” phase where boss kills take longer than they should.

    It’s also great for Naxxramas, and for any speed runs specifically for the mana efficiency,
    since drinking opportunities are few and far between.
    It’s a great tank heal spec, specifically if the tanks are taking big spiky damage. Reason being is they can afford to always be casting high rank spells without going out of mana.

    This build is newer and was generated by the private server community. It is based off of spamming a low rank of Regrowth. Due to its faster cast time it is the most useful for topping healing charts, however the spell is far more expensive and very mana inefficient and the consensus was still out if this build is viable at all for Temple of Ahn'Qiraj or Naxxramas content, where encounters can be far longer than Molten core or Blackwing lair. Additionally expect to be going through a lot more mana pots and innervates to be able to not run out of mana compared to the other builds.

    Regrowth focus on the symbiotic relationship of the improved Regrowth and Nature’s grace talents. You can consistently cast Regrowths with the expectation of them to crit to trigger nature’s grace for your next cast. Regrowth is very mana inefficient, so you must use down ranked regrowths to last the duration of the encounter and often cycle cheaper healing touch in your rotation as well. Stacked with 5/8 tire 2 Regrowth becomes one of the fastest heals in the game, making the druid one of the strongest classes for keeping raid members alive, and the heal over time left behind is always a good bonus for targets taking consistent damage. Regrowth scales poorly with +healing which changing some stat values, critical % specifically gets a higher weight while +healing drops a bit. A regrowth druid can push some of the highest heal per second in the game, but it comes at the expense of extreme mana usage.

    It’s amazing in Molten core and Blackwing lair, basically Regrowth druids play Regrowth build for raid healing on Vaelastrasz, Firemaw, and for trash. It will always be the best option if you’re able to kill stuff fast enough to warrant that super mana inefficient play style.

    Heart of the Wild
    This is a very interesting build because most people wouldn't think that you could be a tank and a healer at the same time. But actually you can with this build. The reason is that for better or worse, there's not a lot of strong talents in the restoration tree. Remember the moonglow build? we put 20 points into that just to get two talents that we cared about. Generally the same thing is happening here. As a healer you will be spamming Healing Touch and Rejuvenations. As a tank you have virtually all important talents to be as strong as you need to. You could choose Nature's Swiftness or Leader of the Pack for your last point, depending on your wants.

    It’s really nice during the gearing up phase, to give you options outside of raids until you get a good healing and damage set. You can tank 5 mans easily and also farm with the feral talents.
    People will love you for being able to tank Stratholme and junk between raids. Love you enough not to bother you for being Heart of the Wild in-raid even.

    It’s not the best with low +healing. It’s never the best healing build. But it is of course a viable healing build. You won’t top meters, but you can still be serviceable for the raid. It is best utilized in Temple of Ahn'Qiraj/Naxxramas. That’s when more mitigation is available and more tanks are needed. Before that it’s best to focus as pure feral threat tank or pure healer.
    By the time Ahn'qiraj hits you should have a good mitigation set to switch between easily.

    The Heart of the Wild druid heals is very similar to a moonglow druid heals. Playstyle is almost identical. You’re not missing any of the “must have” talents, and is more than viable for any raiding content.

    The breakpoint where you could say Heart of the Wild goes even with Moonglow in terms of longevity is roughly when your total mana regen from fight is more than 50% of your manapool. So say you have 6000 mana as Moonglow. If you regen more than 3000 mana during the fight, from spirit, mana per 5 second, consumes and Innervate, then Moonglow is better efficiency wise. Heart of the Wild gives you around 15% more manapool but Moonglow gives you around 10% more casts for the same mana. That's where the 50% comes from, (15%/10%)-1 = 50%.

    Flag carrier
    This build gives you all the tricks for maximum survival, especially for flag carrying. It is generally considered one of the all around best player vs. player build. It also functions very well in dungeons and raiding as a healer, though it misses a few key talents that a pure healing spec has.

    Best PvE spec for restoration druid pre level 60?
    No need to respec to restoration, any leveling build works fine. Gather a set of items with +intellect for when you need to heal a dungeon, and bring a few mana potions.

    What is the best spec for 1v1 duels?
    19/11/21 is the overall strongest build you can play,
    strongest of the caster builds at least.
    You can reliably burst people down when needed while also having interrupt and an instant heal.
    1/29/21 is very solid all-round.

    Druid Keybinds

    Ideally you want to use Major mana potions and Demonic runes early during longer boss fights, so you can use more if cooldown comes off before fight ends. Runn Tum Tuber Surprise 10 int = 150 Mana. Nightfin Soup = 8 Mana / 5 sec. 150 / 8 x 5 = 93.75 seconds. If the encounter is less than a minute and a half Runn Tum Tuber Surprise did more.

    Cerebral Cortex Compound and Gizzard Gum do not stack with Spirit of Zanza.

    Use Flask of Distilled Wisdom at the time you have zero mana to get an instant +2000 mana if your potion and rune are on cooldown. There is literally no benefit to use it before that point. In theory you could even chain chug them for infinite mana. Removing the flask aura when below 2000 mana will just put the user's mana to 0.

    Flame Deflector/Ice Deflector are good for player vs. player/environment. They do not share cooldown with anything.
    Make a macro that uses Flame Deflector first then Goblin Sapper Charge to negate self damage.

    Festival Dumplings 4% mana per second effect stack with mage water. Apparently most "seated while eating" mana food stack with "seated while drinking" mana drinks.
    Use a mana tick timer addon so you can drink while running between mana ticks.

    Kreeg's Stout Beatdown/Gordok Green Grog phase 2. Mageblood Potion and Spirit of Zanza phase 4.
    Brilliant Mana Oil, Brilliant Wizard Oil (both gives + to healing) and Dirge's Kickin' Chimaerok Chops phase 5.
    Taladril's Consumables List by Class
    Player vs. player item / consumable list

    Classic Best in Slot (BiS)
    Best in Slot calculator
    Sixty Upgrades
    Downranking tool
    Healer Spreadsheet
    Legacy Sim
    Druid Calculators
    Movement Speed
    Restoration Spreadsheet
    Edge of Madness Calendar

    How many different ranks of healing spells do people actually use?
    The ranks of healing spells I use are:
    Healing Touch rank 2/3/4/7/10 (11 when Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj books release)
    Regrowth rank 1/2/3/4/5/6/9 (I only use this many when playing the regrowth build, rank 1 to trigger Nature’s Grace)
    Rejuvenation rank 1/4/10 (11 when Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj book is available, and rank 1 is only for 2/9 tier 3 procs (Rejuvenation)

    Choose the appropriate spell/rank heal to fill the health point deficit of your target while minimizing over healing done to said target. Before around 300+heal maybe i up ranked 1 on all of em because they didn't heal for enough. Around 400 or more +heal is when Healing Touch rank 3 started becoming more useful.

    With Regrowth spec Regrowth rank 3 is the most used rank, and rank 4-5. Adjust rank based on your raids speed.
    Mainly rank 3 on trash and rank 4-5 on bosses, unless it's a long fight, and occasionally max rank.
    Even as regrowth spec I still cycle through Healing Touch rank 2/3/4/7/max.

    As Swiftmend druid you literally just press rejuvenation on tanks on trash, and it will heal them because more often than not it manages to snipe heals if it's low damage from enemies, and if it's a high damage from enemies it often gets 3-4 ticks if not all 4, and if the tank drops you can Swiftmend.

    You won’t always need to consume swiftmend as rejuvenation is expiring. This is all right, just reapply rejuvenation on the tanks and continue healing. It’s more mana intensive than it sounds. Swiftmend is efficient but keeping rejuvenation up is expensive. You usually do it for 1-2 tanks, if there are 3 or more tanks only use rejuvenation on 1-2 at a time. Don’t use regrowth on tanks. The chance swiftmend eats it is not worth having it up. Swiftmend -> Healing Touch -> Rejuvenation lines up your next swiftmend perfectly.

    Rejuvenation is also nice for movement heavy parts, in the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj gauntlet or Blackwing lair suppression room for example i only cast rejuvenation, pretty much rank 5 on everyone taking damage, and on tanks you want to use Rejuvenation even more with tier 3 Rejuvenation procs.

    Tanks taking consistent damage should always have max rank heals over time rolling. Max rank rejuvenation and a rank 4 or 5 regrowth on the tanks is a ton of healing. Drop the regrowth if you play swiftmend or need to be more mana efficient.
    Druids in early Molten Core patch can heal the most out of all the healers almost by literally rolling regrowth and rejuvenation on every tank taking damage in every fight, and only filling in with healing touch and mending if they take a bigger hit.

    If you have multiple druids, it is okay to just spam 6 different ranks of healing touch.
    Or 6 different ranks of regrowth. There is more than one acceptable way to play a restoration druid. A good druid knows how to use their entire toolkit or to use proper assignments to maximize multiple druids effectiveness in any raid environment.

    Moonglow is the most mana efficient, it’s best to stack as much +healing as possible. Your main spell used will be healing touch. Familiarize yourself with how much each rank of Healing Touch heals for, and how fast they heal. Generally speaking you want to have rank 3, 4, 5-8 (just one of these, and it’s really at your discretion which works best for your gear/content), and max rank combined with Nature's swiftness.
    Rank 2 is useful when you get a lot of +healing since it’s a 1.5 second cast.

    A lot of times Moonglow shines with being able to cast high rank Healing Touch on tanks taking high amounts of damage. Being able to predict incoming damage and pre casting is not easy, at first but become better with experience. Raid heal with Healing Touch rank 2-3 when there is minimal raid damage. Heal with Healing Touch rank 4 when there is mediocre raid damage.

    In low level dungeons it’s often best to just use a well timed max rank Healing Touch to heal tank to full. This will let you abuse five second rule for some regen. Throw out Rejuvenation on other party members who aren’t in danger of dying.

    Speed run
    Only one druid is necessary in speed runs. Mainly to buff and keep faerie fire up on everything. Healing over time spells are currently banned from speed runs, and feral doesn't bring enough, which leaves Boomkin or Moonglow for the optimal spot.

    Patchwerk mechanics specifically deal out huge spike damage so you’re constantly casting rank 7+ Healing touch.

    As a tank healer on Chromaggus i'm basically always casting a Healing Touch rank 4, unless Chromaggus is about to use a breath, in which case I've got a Healing Touch rank 7 or max rank timed to land right after the breath (cast bars are super helpful here).

    Regrowth spam is great on fights like Vaelastrasz and Firemaw.

    The best way to top Shazzrah is pre-buffing with max rank Regrowth. The best kill times can be as fast as 10-13 seconds, so you want to pre-buff a couple of Regrowths then pre-buff Rejuvenation.

    Player vs. player
    In player vs. player you mostly use Rejuvenation when running around, if you don't have Nature's Swiftness to instantly heal with Healing Touch, you generally end up using Regrowth because of faster cast time. Max ranks mainly. (except rank 1 for baits). Use Max rank Rejuvenation and rank 1 for baits. Max rank Regrowth and Rank X Healing Touch, were X equal very low over heal base on your health and when you use it, for Nature's swiftness+ Healing Touch combination. In player vs. player, Healing Touch is only really used with Nature's swiftness, to heal up when safe, or some down ranks when healing in group.

    If you are healing others you use Healing Touch ranks, but also Regrowth if you need a faster cast and Rejuvenation. You aren't hard casting much when your doing solo world player vs. player, but to heal efficiently without going out of mana fast in group player vs. player you have to hard cast Healing Touch rank 4 or 7. The long cast time is annoying for that because it's easy to get interrupted by counterspell, then you can't heal for 10 seconds, Pummel is 4, Kick is 5 seconds, and Earth Shock interrupts and gives you a 2 seconds global cooldown.

    Druid flag carrying a wsg jump compendium
    Dancing with the Stars - Balance Druid PvP
    Gear and talents for a pvp balance/restoration
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    How to kill priests

    Prevent heals being sniped
    The best way to prevent your heals being sniped is to change to a more proactive play style. You need to predict damage before it comes out and start precasting for it. This also means you should get used to using a stop cast macro, to prevent overhealing if that predictive damage never comes. Also, ensure you and your fellow guild mates all have a healcomm addon that will show all incoming heals on raid frames.

    Knowing when to expect damage is important. Almost everything has 2.5 seconds swing timer, and then add mechanics that might do damage. So if your assigned tank takes a hit you know he's most likely getting hit again in 2.5 seconds, so you queue a heal to hit for that. Healing assignments are also important. Not assigning healers will just end up with more heal sniping.

    You could also end up having too many healers for the content. If that is the case, then some healers could go deal damage for those parts of the raid, and just swap back to healing when more healing is needed.

    "Tank heal" vs "Raid heal"
    Assign a few healers to tanks, but the expectation is your expected to prioritize you tank first, but still heal everyone when needed. In a 40 man raid healers need to be flexible.

    Macro Innervate on yourself + equip Will of Arlokk/Dancing Sliver/Soulkeeper to one button
    and put +20 spirit on it. Innervate is a 400% modifier to the normal regen that only affect spirit. It's around 10 mana per spirit from gear. It's best if you can use it during a boss phase when there isn't much to heal.

    If you're trying to calculate how much mana an innervate will give you it's [(spirit / 5 ) + 15] * 5 = mana per tick * 10 ticks (20 second duration).

    Swapping weapon in combat always incurs a global cooldown, but you can swap weapon during a global cooldown. Innervate do not snapshot current spirit, you have to swap weapon for the full duration.

    Druid Macros - Classic

    WeakAuras 2 displays highly customizable graphics on user interface to indicate buffs, debuffs, and other relevant information.
    Itemrack Classic make swapping equipment easier through popout slot menus, equip slot buttons, gear sets and automated swaps.
    Stat Weights Classic allows you to see insightful information about your abilities.
    Leatrix Plus Classic offers lots of quality of life improvements to enhance the default user interface.
    LunaUnitFrames has mana per 5 ticker, druid mana bar, healing communication, buffs/debuffs timers, mana cost prediction and much more.
    LoseControl makes it easy to see the duration of crowd control spells by displaying them in a dedicated icon onscreen.
    Enemy Cooldown Count allows you to track cooldowns of all nearby players.
    OmniBar is an extremely lightweight addon that tracks enemy cooldowns.
    OmniCC adds text to items, spell and abilities that are on cooldown to indicate when they will be ready to use.
    ccc provide complete and accurate information for stunlocking and controlled sleeping, rooting etc.
    DejaClassicStats provides an updated and logical display of the character stats.
    ClassicCastbars adds casting bars to the target frame and optionally to various other unit frames.
    Nameplate Debuffs shows your class debuffs/spells on a targets nameplate.
    OmniBuds shows cooldowns of enemies on nameplates.

    Healing guides
    General healing guide
    The Restoration Druid!
    Feral/Restoration build explained

    Gold farming
    To reset instance and teleport back to entrance someone else outside the dungeon has to reset and the people inside need to be offline. So currently you'd ask a friend to invite one of your alternate characters to your group, and then anytime you need to start new instance you log off and go reset on your alternate character.

    Area of effect gold farming
    Felwood Jadefire
    Maraudon Ghost Mushroom
    Maraudon Gizlock/Princess/Rotgrip
    Blackrock Depths Arena/Incendius/Coffer
    Blackrock Depths General Angerforge

    Phase 2:
    Dire Maul Tribute Stealth Runs
    Dire Maul North Bug/Hyena/First Boss
    Dire Maul North Knot's Chest
    Dire Maul East Rich Thorium rush
    Dire Maul East Herb/Satyr/Chest

    Phase 4:
    Zul'Gurub Bloodvine
    Zul'Gurub Blood Scythe/Voodoo Doll


    Herbalism is great because you can farm 99% of all weekly consumes.
    Farm Icecap, Dreamfoil and Black lotus for pots and flasks. Farm Grave Moss and Fadeleaf for Greater Shadow Protection Potion. Farm Ghost mushroom, Mountain silversage, Gromsblood, and Plaguebloom for gold. Don’t farm during peak server hours.

    Farm Maraudon from purple side and pick the ghost mushrooms, you will get average 6 per run and 4 blindweeds, and make it a 19 min run without any insane so gear to average about 35+ gold per hour. Even if Ghost mushrooms are really cheap. If they are 2 gold or more it's close to 50 gold per hour. Farming from purple, then over to orange, then down to Princess Theradras, seems to yield about 20 Ghost mushrooms, 20 Blindweed, 20 Stranglekelp an hour.

    Farm Razorfen Downs for 20+ Grave moss, and if you got enchanting, close to 20 Small Radiant Shard an hour. 10-20 Grave moss in 10 minutes farming Scarlet Monastery graveyard.

    Engineering is hands down the best profession for every single class for player vs. player/environment. Sapper Charge for damage per second increase and easy area of effect damage, Dense dynamite as well. Iron grenade/Thorium grenade to interrupt a spell, or to help cast a spell, like Entangling roots to dead zone hunters and warriors, or just get some distance. How to hit EVERY Grenade.

    Goblin Rocket Helmet gives you a 30 seconds crowd control, and can also prevent a warlock from using Sacrifice if you use it on his Voidwalker.

    Gnomish engineering for Gadgetzan teleport. Combine that with Moonglade portal and Hearthstone. Easy noggenfogger resupply. Gnomish Cloaking Device trinket into Starfire. Gnomish Net-o-Matic Projector.

    Gnomish Mind Control Cap let you control the target for 20 seconds. It's best to use it from Prowl, because both you and your opponent needs to be out of combat, and it can't backfire while shapeshifted.

    Gnomish Death Ray if you're playing Swiftmend/Feral charge build. Bash then Death Ray is super good with Brutal impact. Covers the entire cast time. Just make sure your opponent has used player vs. player trinket. The main problem with Restoration you don't really have any damage to close out the fight, but you have tons of survivability, really hard to kill, so Death Ray kinda works as your finisher.

    Reflectors are pretty important. Ultra-Flash Shadow Reflector against warlocks and priests. Gyrofreeze Ice Reflector against hunters and mages. It won't reflect Freezing Trap to the opposing hunter, but will at least nullify it. Hyper-Radiant Flame Reflector against mages and warlocks. Reflectors does not reflect mid-air projectiles, area of effect spells, or shatter damage. How Reflectors work in Classic.

    Catseye Ultra Goggles give +18 stealth detection. Worth using when you're looking for stealthers. It should stack with Catseye elixir +10, marshals-dragonhide-gauntlets/knight lieutenants dragonhide-gloves +10, Paranoia +30.

    Farming Ooze Covered Rich Thorium in Silithus early in the morning when nobody else is on, 50-100gold per ~45min, depending on Arcane Crystal luck, and only druids/rogues can mine in the Silithus hives.

    Glimmering mithril insignia makes Blacksmithing best in combination with Engineering for player vs. player, without it you never beat warlocks.

    Power level alternate characters to level 35 and level the alternate character professions for Transmute arcanite (Alchemy)/Mooncloth (Tailoring)/Salt shaker (Leatherworking) so you can do cooldowns for easy gold.

    This info was shared by experienced classic players from the Druid Classic discord.

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