Why YOU SHOULD Level Cooking in WoW Classic

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    In this video I go through my thoughts on why you should level cooking. There are a series of reasons as well as great opportunities for flipping some materials for easy gold.


    • Cooking is Undervalued

    • Easy Access to Materials

    • True Value is Hidden


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  • Warlock Druid Horde

    Maybe in later phases it becomes a bit more worth it. I got to 300 at level 40 and was shocked to find Nightfin soup going for vendor prices on my server. I ended up just eating it all. Hoping for more out of fishing, so I nearly have that maxed now.

  • @Boom762 check out the related video but its been basically how i made alot of money early on. the crafting time is short and ive been able to make about 3g in 15 mins depending on AH prices