Classic WoW Armaments - Meteor Shard

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    Detailed Weapon Stats

    Meteor Shard
    3% Chance-on-hit to instantly cast Firebolt
    5% Crit Chance for the Firebolt
    1.5x Crit Damage Multiplier for the Firebolt
    +0.6 Damage-Per-Second on average from Firebolts

    In-Depth Explanation

    The Meteor Shard is a unique Dagger that can be equipped in either hand. Its chance-on-hit ability will occasionally cause you to shoot a Firebolt at your current target that deals 35 Fire damage.

    I spent a long time hitting things 1,003 times with this weapon and it fired off 29 Firebolts altogether. From that testing alone, we can see it has a 3% chance-on-hit to fire. 3% equals an average of one Firebolt every minute for this weapon, which has an attack speed of 1.8 seconds.

    Also, it crit twice, which equals a 6.8% crit chance but I wouldn't take that number seriously due to the low sample size of crits. Rather, most item-and-gear-based chance-on-hit abilities in Vanilla had a fixed 5% crit chance, so I'm going to assume 5%. It also dealt 52 damage on crit which means it has a 1.5x crit damage multiplier.

    Therefore, assuming a 3% chance-on-hit and a 5% crit chance, the Meteor Shard ability will add an average of 0.6 additional damage-per-second to this weapon. However, it is still up to random chance and deals damage in bursts, which is helpful in PvP and bad for threat management in PvE.

    The Meteor Shard is a rare quality item that drops off of Archmage Arugal in Shadowfang Keep. It becomes Soulbound on pickup so you can't trade it to others.

    This Space Intentionally Left Blank

    There are more questions about this weapon out there, chiefly among them being "does the damage increase with the +spelldamage stat?", but I am currently broke so I can't answer that question at this time. When that question gets answered, or any other discoveries are made, I will annotate this article.

    Thanks for reading, and remember, go crazy!

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