Classic WoW Armaments - Staff of Horrors

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    Detailed Weapon Stats

    Staff of Horrors
    7% Chance-on-hit to instantly cast Curse of Weakness
    28 Threat on-target from the Curse
    +0.6 Threat-Per-Second on average from Curses

    In-Depth Explanation

    The Staff of Horrors is an Uncommon rarity Staff. Its unique chance-on-hit ability will occasionally cause you to Curse your current target and reduce its damage by 5 for 2 minutes.

    I spent a long time hitting things 1,818 times with this weapon and it cursed 128 times altogether. From that testing alone, we can see it has a 7% chance-on-hit to curse. 7% equals an average of 1.4 curses every minute for this weapon, which has an attack speed of 3.4 seconds. In sustained combat, the curse should remain active as it is very likely to re-curse before its 2 minute duration expires.

    While I was unable to confirm the exact amount of threat this ability will do, I have tested and confirmed that most other debuffs will apply a base amount of threat equal to the level the debuff was learned at times 2. So a debuff learned at level 60 deals 120 threat, and this debuff is supposedly a level 14 debuff and therefore should cause 28 threat.

    The Staff of Horrors drops off of Skeletal Horrors in Duskwood at a very low rate. It becomes Soulbound on equip so you can often find it on the Auction House.

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