[PvP] [EU] [A] <Animalistic> [Firemaw] Pvp-guild with raids!

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    [A] "Animalistic"is a PvP oriented guild on Firemaw looking for PvPers to join a community for World PvP, PvP events and ranking when the honor system comes out! The guild is built by a mix of 2,5k+ rated bg players from retail and some hardcore classic PvPers. We are creating a place where there is both space for people who are PvP minded and want to slay some hordes! And a place for people who are aiming for high PvP ranks when the honor system comes out and battlegrounds! We have a goal to start raiding together as well in the future, and will start as soon as possible! The guild is new on Firemaw, however the core had been playing on a high level in mainly rated bgs and some arena as well on retail for many expansions!!

    What you can expect from us

    A friendly community where PvP is the main focus, which will still do some PvE! A core of players who are ready to give it all what they got in order to rank when the honor system and battlegrounds comes out! A community that will show dominance in world PvP and not tolerate the hordes to have azeroth as their playground! A group of very social players that won’t hide in the corner but be on discord most of their online time! And just an awesome opportunity to meet likeminded people and make friends in world of warcraft!

    What we expect from you

    To be ready to help out guildies and control the hordes!! Always show dominance in the world and attend to upcoming world PvP events!! To try to get the PvP rank of your desire with ofc help from the guild! To have a friendly approach to guildies and to not show toxic behavior to guildies only to hordes!! Try to gear up as good as you can and even level up if you are not lvl 60 yet, so we can have a strong PvP community!

    The leadership is used to lead on the battlefield but when we PvP it is required to be able to communicate on voice when we are pushing and playing to always be tryhard and win the battles in world PvP and in battlegrounds!!
    We are also starting a raid team within the next few weeks to gear up for PvP and PvE adventures!! We are active on discord farming pre raid bis and ganking hordes! 😉

    How to join us

    Add Shredded#2760 on bnet or Shredyo#9175 on discord for a friendly chat or talk and let’s get started on a real PvP adventure!!

    Thank you for now and see you in the battlefield!!


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