Has anyone played around with a talent tree for farming?

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    After seeing countless videos of farming guides, including the Dire Maul East video by Frostadamus, I desperately want an efficient solo farm for my Shaman, so I'm just curious if anyone has tested the viability of any other builds. Please feel free to critique the build and give your recommendations.

    Hypothetical Farming Build - 1

    The only major difference in this build and Frostradamus' build is that I spec out of Elemental Devastation and Improved Lightning Shield in lieu of Totemic Focus and Earth's Grasp, as I feel they bring much more utility.

    My thinking with this build is:
    Grace of Air, Earth Bind (Earth's Grasp +radius), Healing Stream, Lightning Shield, Elemental Mastery, Max Distance Chain Lightning (+6yd from Storm Reach), Fire Nova, Magma, Focused Casting Proc (Eye of the Storm), Ghost Wolf & Kite (Improved Ghost Wolf), Heal (Most Likely), Max Distance Chain Lightning and Repeat.

    Frostradamus seemed to tank a lot of that damage instead of trying to kite it. That being said Dire Maul farm doesn't seem to give you that much leeway for kiting.

    Elemental (35 points)
    Convection - Rank 5/5
    Reduces the mana cost of your Shock, Lightning Bolt and Chain Lightning spells by 10%.

    Concussion - Rank 5/5
    Increases the damage done by your Lightning Bolt, Chain Lightning and Shock spells by 5%.

    Earth's Grasp - Rank 2/2
    Increases the health of your Stoneclaw Totem by 50% and the radius of your Earthbind Totem by 20%.

    Call of Flame - Rank 3/3
    Increases the damage done by your Fire Totems by 15%.

    Elemental Focus - Rank 1/1
    Gives you a 10% chance to enter a Clearcasting state after casting any Fire, Frost, or Nature damage spell. The Clearcasting state reduces the mana cost of your next damage spell by 100%.

    Call of Thunder - Rank 5/5
    Increases the critical strike chance of your Lightning Bolt and Chain Lightning spells by an additional 6%.

    Improved Fire Totems - Rank 2/2
    Reduces the delay before your Fire Nova Totem activates by 2 sec. and decreases the threat generated by your Magma Totem by 50%.

    Eye of the Storm - Rank 3/3
    Gives you a 100% chance to gain the Focused Casting effect that lasts for 6 sec after being the victim of a melee or ranged critical strike. The Focused Casting effect prevents you from losing casting time when taking damage.

    Storm Reach - Rank 2/2
    Increases the range of your Lightning Bolt and Chain Lightning spells by 6 yards.

    Elemental Fury - Rank 1/1
    Increases the critical strike damage bonus of your Searing, Magma, and Fire Nova Totems and your Fire, Frost, and Nature spells by 100%.

    Lightning Mastery - Rank 5/5
    Reduces the cast time of your Lightning Bolt and Chain Lightning spells by 1 sec.

    Elemental Mastery - Rank 1/1
    When activated, this spell gives your next Fire, Frost, or Nature damage spell a 100% critical strike chance and reduces the mana cost by 100%.

    Enhancement (7 points)
    Shield Specialization - Rank 5/5
    Increases your chance to block attacks with a shield by 5% and increases the amount blocked by 25%.

    Improved Ghost Wolf - Rank 2/2
    Reduces the cast time of your Ghost Wolf spell by 2 sec.

    Restoration (9 points)
    Tidal Focus - Rank 5/5
    Reduces the Mana cost of your healing spells by 5%.

    Totemic Focus - Rank 4/5
    Reduces the Mana cost of your totems by 20%.

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