Quite a few inaccuracies in the leveling guide - Need a way to report issues built into the guide

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    Title pretty much says it all. One was getting quests in Auberdine - at level 11, none of the quests were available until level 13.

    Then there's the Elwynn forest guide that has you die in the Jasperlode Mine... and you don't spawn in Goldshire, but at the Eastvale Logging Camp.

    Another is the inclusion of some quests at level 55 which aren't in the game yet - many quite complicated and woven into the leveling guide at many spots (class quests for Sunken Temple, which aren't in this phase). These take you hours out of your way and make the guide a slog to get through.

    But aside from just the inaccuracies, there needs to be a way to flag these from the guide page so that the people maintaining them can correct them as needed.

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