<SlashCry> |Firemaw| CET [Alliance] {PvE: 2 / PvP} (Semi-Hardcore)

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    <SlashCry> Firemaw EU | Alliance | Fri-Sat 20:00 ST | age 25+ | Semi-Hardcore

    <SlashCry> is a newly formed guild comprised of a group of friends who played WoW since the early days of Vanilla. Our goal is to build a strong & mature community that wants to raid during the weekends and PvP during the off days.
    Currently we're recruiting all players of all classes as long as they're at least 20 years old.
    Our planned raiding schedule is Fri-Sat 20:00 ST.

    About SlashCry
    Hardcore in mind, casual in heart.
    SlashCry is a newly formed guild made by a group of friends who plays together since Vanilla (started on Chromaggus and later on on Kazzak).
    The name we’ve chosen is not a random one but a tribute to our old guild (SlashCry) that used to exist on Kazzak and has had a lasting impact on us.

    Our Goal
    Our goal is to create a stable raiding enviroment for players that still remember the sound of Windows 95 startup or those that simply have a very busy life.
    In order to keep the mature environment we therefor recruit players of at least 25 years of age.
    The guild is also aimed towards those who wish to raid during the weekend.

    General Info:
    Realm: Firemaw
    Faction: Alliance
    Language: English
    Raiding schedule: Friday & Saturday, 20:00 Server Time.
    Loot system: EPGP
    Min level: 45+

    What we expect of you:
    Be a good player. You don’t have to be the best, but a certain level of performance is a must.
    Come prepared to raids - understand that there are 20+ other players in the raid with you and that their time is as precious as yours.
    Be friendly - no kind of toxicity will be tolerated. No exceptions.

    What we can offer you back:
    A mature raiding enviroment.
    Raids lead by an experienced raid leader.
    Fair loot distribution that balanced between performacne and progress.
    The ability to raid on retail without losing progress on classic.

    Recruitment status:
    Recruiting anyone level 45+

    You can apply at our Discord: https://discord.gg/38pNPP6

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