Blizzcon Unscripted - Day 2 and still awesome

  • Druid Alliance

    Thankfully I'm used to running on low amounts of sleep. After going to bed late and waking up early we were all tired but the excitement of the moment gets you up fast enough. There weren't any major things we were looking to hit early in the morning so our first required event on the agenda was the Q&A at 2:30. We headed to the convention center around opening time and got some pictures and talked to some Classic fans. We were able to run into Quissy and she and Pastaface gave us an interview.

    After that we wanted to take some time to explore so we checked out the Darkmoon Faire which has a really fun atmosphere. It is neat to try to bring something in game to life in a way that works with the event and I think they did that pretty well. There are activities and special shops and other specialty things that gives you access to unique items if you are looking for it. I just had to get a moonkin from there since it was a Faire exclusive. And if you get something from the Faire store you even get a special ticket patch which was a fun addition.

    We then worked our way to the Shadowlands Q&A and were able to ask a few questions of the devs. While the basics have been figured out, some of the more challenging questions didn't yet have definitive answers for implementation such as how professions will meld with the 10-50 experience since all expansions use different materials and have different levels.

    We finally had some time after this so we took it and looked for some classic fans. They were easy to spot if they were wearing their Classic WoW shirts so we snagged everyone we could and they all agreed to talk. Expect to see these interviews posted on the site soon! We finished our interviews off over in the beer garden with High Inquisitor Whitemane herself.


    By this point it was time to go to the closing ceremony, which I guess happened but not on stage so we missed it. Instead we saw the entertainment selection announced. We weren't interested in that so we took the time to finally look at parts of the show that we didn't even get to see like the Overwatch area as well as the arena. Ayle watched the finals between China and USA which he said was incredible and Melderon and I headed over to the Marriott again to hang out with the other Classic fans. Since we spread the word over a few days, at this point we took up three tables and managed to coax a couple of Blizzard devs to hang out too. It was a great end to the show, although I could have had another two days of it easily.

    There is so much we didn't see. I missed half the panels that I planned to go to and a lot of activities on the floor. There were Lego Overwatch things that I didn't even know about until the very end. Looking at pictures online I guess the fans put the mural together as a group. It would have been great to see that get put together throughout the weekend but at least I saw the final product.

    overwatch lego.jpg

    The D. Va statue made out of Lego bricks was phenomenal as well. I have a soft spot for Lego models so it's fun to see that kind of thing here.

    overwatch dva.jpg

    So the big question is: is it worth it to come? What about instead of a virtual ticket? Definitely! My biggest worry with Blizzcon was always that it is about such a short number of games that are featured compared to something else that might interest me. But it honestly didn't matter. The atmosphere and the people with who you meet and what you talk about is so fun. I had so much to do that I was overwhelmed and multiple Blizzcons would easily keep my interest. I am very much looking forward to going next year and hopefully I can experience some parts of it a little smoother so I can really pack it in. But regardless, it was a very fun first Blizzcon, first con in general, and definitely a fun event.

    There are more things that we will be posting such as the interviews mentioned above as well as the cosplay I took pictures of. Stay tuned for more.