Melee While Wanding - a Classic WoW PSA

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    Alright so turns out you can melee while wanding in Classic WoW, you just need a macro that says /startattack and push that macro every time you shoot and push the shoot button every time you melee, while wielding a melee weapon that is of equal speed or faster than your wand. It follows the same principle as meleeing while casting instant and channeled spells, although this method isn't exactly "free damage" like it is with instant and channeled spells. This is because you technically interrupt your wanding each time you melee which adds the 0.3 second windup delay onto your wand shots that normally only happens for the first wand shot. Combine that with the Caster-class glancing blow penalty (which lowers melee dps to beteween 50-85% less than the listed amount), and you usually lose damage by doing this.

    There are 3 times when this is really good though:
    First is when you're fighting green or gray level mobs, when you basically never have glancing blows and your melees deal tons of damage.
    Second is in pvp, when you also never have glancing blows and your melees deal significantly more damage and you apply more spell pushback to enemy casters.
    Third is when you want to land more attacks on a target to benefit from the Paladin Judgement of Wisdom. Here's a little list to show the wand damage loss from executing this technique:

    2 speed wand = 15% wand damage loss
    1.9 speed wand = 15.75% wand damage loss
    1.8 speed wand = 16.5% wand damage loss
    1.7 speed wand = 17.5% wand damage loss
    1.6 speed wand = 18.75% wand damage loss
    1.5 speed wand = 20% wand damage loss
    1.4 speed wand = 21.5% wand damage loss
    1.3 speed wand = 23% wand damage loss
    1.2 speed wand = 25% wand damage loss

    If you have any questions or perhaps tips and tricks to share, please feel free to do so. And remember, go crazy!

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    I make videos about the lesser-known ways you can play the 9 classes of Classic World of Warcraft. I'm also a big fan of level 19 twinking. If you would like a video made about something, feel free to let me know!