Holy/Prot Paladin Dire Maul (DM) East Solo Farming Walkthrough

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    How to Solo Farm Dire Maul East as a Paladin

    Hey everyone! In this video, I walk through my route for soloing Whip Lashers in Dire Maul East as a Holy/Prot hybrid spec Paladin for gold farming. I left timestamps in the description of the video, so feel free to skip around.

    The purpose of this video is to not only demonstrate how it's done, but to show off the hybrid spec, as well as point out that you don't need top of the line tanking gear to do this. Enjoy!

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    Thanks for checking it out! Feel free to reach out at anytime to discuss more, or follow along on:

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    I'm going to try this with a warrior and reflect gear.. Watching you with paladin and your HP loss it may be possible.. I wonder if I stack stamina and use tubers if its doable..