Is Blizzard fishing for server transfers?

  • Founder Shaman


    Upon logging in last night for raid I and many others throughout the community were greeted with unanticipated server queues. This might not be news to some players of select servers save for the fact that most of those affected had not experienced a queue since the raising of server caps. However, it was peak time on raiding’s biggest night, the honor system, after being inexplicably pushed back, is poised to launch on Thursday, and few if any queues have been experienced in recent memory. Why then are we suddenly experiencing queue times? Conclusion: a play from Blizzard to bait mass amounts of people into last minute servers transfers.

    This is undoubtedly the reason behind our experience last night. While members of my guild gripe over the newly reinstated queue, I did a bit of digging. During peak hours on Skeram, from seven to ten p.m. server time, a queue was enforced for Horde members only. Friends of mine from the drastically underrepresented Alliance reported no such login delay. This was true for servers like Faerlina, Herod, Whitemane, etc. where the more populous faction was greeted with a prompt upon login stating, “Free character migration is available for this realm.” A not so thinly veiled attempt by Blizzard to reinstate faction balance on these skewed servers.

    Take it. Take the bait. While unclear whether or not these transfers will remain open beyond Honor drop, for how long, and whether or not the queue is artificial or the server caps have actually been reduced to promote greater server stability, the message from Blizzard is crystal. They believe certain server imbalance to be so egregious that those servers will be unrewarding for their player base. We should anticipate these queues to persist until Blizzard feels the faction balance and server population have approached a more manageable and sustainable size. Due to people’s innate inability to do what is best for them, these queues will likely not go away anytime soon and we can expect to see them during prime time over the next few weeks until more and more people bite the bullet and make the move.

    As tedious and irritating as it may be, I strongly encourage you to do it. Gather your friends, your guild, and make the move. This is a calculated decision from Blizzard in an attempt to reestablish server balance, reduce server load, cut back on world PvP lag and bring greater health to the game. I’m strongly debating it. Are you?