Raserisk's Classic Naxxramas Boss Guide - Kel'Thuzad

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    Classic Naxxramas Kel'Thuzad Boss Encounter

    This boss guide for Classic World of Warcraft provides an in-depth analysis and overview for players in their battle against Kel’thuzad – the final raid encounter of Naxxramas.

    Kel’thuzad features three phases that will test everything that your raid has learned up until this point in Classic World of Warcraft.

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    • During Phase One your raid will be isolated in the center of the room and forced to fend off waves of Undead for five and a half minutes.

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    • In Phase Two your raid will spread out across the room with Kel’Thuzad being tanked in the middle of the circle that your raid was sitting in previously.

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    • Finally - during Phase Three the Lich King will summon Guardians of Icecrown to assist Kel’Thuzad which will need to be off-tanked or kited around the room while the rest of your raid focuses on burning Kel’Thuzad down quickly.

    This is the final battle before The Burning Crusade – good luck!

    Quick Tips

    • Phase One features three variants of Undead enemies to watch out for as follows,

    • Ranged DPS players must be very quick to take care of the Soldiers Of The Frozen Wastes – they die very quickly but if they come into physical contact with a player then they will explode triggering Dark Blast which deals heavy AOE shadow damage – more than one getting through will cause a raid wipe.

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    • The Abominations will be the target of the melee DPS and tanks – they apply Mortal Wound on their targets which reduces healing received and may require tank swaps per new Abomination engagement.

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    • They hit incredibly hard so healers make sure you’re on you’re A-game for these!

    • Finally, the Soul Weavers will be targeted by your Ranged DPS – make sure to mark a target and focus fire it down before moving to the next.

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    • They’re incredibly slow but if they reach physical contact with any player they’ll activate their Wail of Souls ability which is a devasting AOE shadow damage nuke that knocks players away who will mostly likely be dead before hitting the floor.

    Phase Two

    • Phase Two changes up the fight with Kel’Thuzad being tanked in the center of the room that your raid was standing in previously.

    • Make sure that every raider is spread out across the room due to abilities that we’ll start going into detail below.

    • Kel’Thuzad features a single target Frostbolt spell that he will use on the player with the highest threat in the encounter. This does 9000 – 11,000 Frost Damage to a target and will nearly kill them if they aren’t using max consumables and buffs.

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    • It’s very important that your Melee DPS rotate interruptions on this ability to prevent the tank from being killed – it is also cast at random intervals.

    • It’s highly recommended that your Melee DPS are split up into three groups for a proper interruption rotation.

    • Throughout the encounter Kel’Thuzad will cast Frostbolt Volley on the entire raid dealing high frost damage – make sure to bandage and use Greater Frost Protection Potions as needed.

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    • This spell cannot be interrupted but can be resisted so remember that wearing a few pieces of Frost Resistance gear can help reduce overall raid damage.

    • Every minute Kel’Thuzad will cast Chains of Kel’Thuzad on the tank and four other random players in the raid which mind controls five individuals and wipes the total threat table.

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    • It’s very important for the mind controlled players to be sheeped or feared due to their enhanced damage abilities that will quickly kill raid members.

    • At the same time, remember to always stop DPS at-least ten seconds before this spell activates which will give the new tank time to get into position and build up threat.

    • During the encounter Kel’Thuzad will place Mana Detonation on mana users which explodes after four seconds – dealing high arcane damage in a small-radius area of effect around the player.

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    • The damage is based on the player’s maximum mana and doesn’t harm the target – only those around the target.

    Frost Blast is one of the most dangerous spells in this encounter – Kel’Thuzad will freeze a random player which deals 130% of their maximum health as damage over 5 seconds.

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    • This ability also chains to nearby players within 10 yards which is why it’s important that the entire raid spreads out during Phase 2 and 3.

    • Healers must be very quick to react to these affected players because they’ll die very fast.

    • Finally, during the encounter - Kel'Thuzad will target a random player and place a red swirling circle under their feet called Shadow Fissure. It's important to step out of these quickly as they will instantly kill any player after 5 seconds.

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    Phase 3

    • Once Kel’Thuzad’s health reaches 40% then the Lich King will summon five Guardians of Icecrown to assist Kel’Thuzad.

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    • Only three of these can be shackled by your Priests because more than three shackles will cause Kel’Thuzad to shatter all of them.

    • The remaining two Guardians will need to be tanked or kited around the room in a circle.

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    • Lastly, they have a self-buff known as Blood Tap which grants them 15% Damage and increases their size by 10%.

    • They generate a new stack when switching to a new target and when any player dies for any reason in Phase 3.

    • As well as dealing with all of the above-mentioned abilities in Phase 2 – this last stretch of the fight is all about burning Kel’Thuzad down and using everything left you have in your arsenal.

    Congratulations on your progression kill and clearing Naxxramas. You’ve completed the game!

    See you in The Burning Crusade!

    Raid Positioning:

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    • Phase 1: Your raid will be in the center of the room for 5.5 minutes.

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    • Phase 2: Your raid will spread out across the room at-least ten yards away from each player.

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    • Phase 3: Your raid will remain spread out however you will need to adjust for off-tanks / Hunters kiting the Guardians of Icecrown around the room in a circle.

    Frost Resistance

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    • Frost Resistance for Kel'Thuzad can be helpful but keep in mind that DPS is a higher priority in this encounter. Kel'Thuzad's Frostbolt Volley (which can be resisted) contributes the highest amount of raid damage in this encounter and can be mitigated by wearing your best 2-4 Frost Resistance pieces of gear.



    2H Mace Might of Menethil
    Caster DPS Staff: Soulseeker
    Dagger Kingsfall
    Shield Shield of Condemnation
    Crossbow Nerubian Slavemaker
    Wand Doomfinger
    1H Sword Gressil, Dawn of Ruin
    1H Sword The Hungering Cold
    1H Mace Hammer of the Twisting Nether

    Quest Trinkets:

    Caster DPS Mark of the Champion
    Melee DPS Mark of the Champion

    Tier 3 Rings:

    Warrior Ring of the Dreadnaught
    Rogue Bonescythe Ring
    Priest Ring of Faith
    Mage Frostfire Ring
    Warlock Plagueheart Ring
    Druid Ring of the Dreamwalker
    Shaman Ring of the Earthshatterer
    Paladin Ring of Redemption
    Hunter Ring of the Cryptstalker

    About The Author:

    This Boss Guide was written and created by Raserisk. For further questions, clarification or suggestions please contact him here.

    Discord: Raserisk
    Youtube Channel: Raserisk's YT Channel
    Email: Raserisk@gmail.com

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