Quality of Life suggestions for ClassicWoW.Live

  • Hey guys,

    Ras here, and welcome back to another Boss Guide for Classic World of Warcraft

    So after doing a heavy text-write up of my Kel'Thuzad guide which was heavily inspired by current websites such as Icyveins, Wowhead, Mmochampion, etc there's a few things that I wanted to see if they could be converted over here and this will be a on-going list for the future that will be updated.

    Center Formatting Option

    This is probably the biggest option that I feel is needed because it's very important that key pieces of information such as videos, images, gifs are centered or able to be moved around the post because they're focal points that need to be emphasized.

    Upload / Embed MP4's directly into our posts

    GIFs are great and they currently do their job well but being able to upload MP4's or at-least embed them from Giphy would dramatically increase the visual quality of guides - below are two examples.

    GIF Example
    MP4 Example

    Additional Windows / Captions for Information

    A big part of organization when it comes to heavily detailed guides is being able to make your information flow and not seem too cluttered when there's a lot of explanation going on. As shown to the right - the image is used as a focal point with a border around it to make things look nice and a small caption as the bottom for clarification.


    More Formatting Options In The Toolbar

    In the future once the website is fully public then I feel it's important that more stuff is readily available to content creators in the toolbar such as adjusting font size on the fly - it doesn't bother me too much but keep in mind that you'll need to make things easy and simple for the people that don't want to look up Markdown guides on Google.

    Custom Headers

    Would it be possible to link or create our own headers? Imagine if I took this title that i created in Photoshop

    alt text

    and wanted to use it as a header which would link to the table of contents rather than

    Molten Core

    Summary / Conclusion

    Overall the website is probably one of the most visually impressive that I have ever seen for World of Warcraft. It's incredibly polished and very efficient at providing the classic community with a place they can really relate to and feel like they're at home.

    I can tell that a lot of love went into this project and I know that content creators tend to be in the spotlight a lot but you guys working under the hood are the real OG's.

    Aside from that, it's mostly just a matter of adding some important mechanics to increase the polish and flow of the website - it should look like a Bugatti Divo but be easily as drive-able as a bicycle.

  • Founder Shaman Horde

    Quality feedback, Ras. Thanks for this!

  • Founder Shaman

    Some good feedback, thank you! Definitely keep it coming.

  • Initiate

    Just going to post here as to keep the forums clean.

    Menu consolidation would be great. Maybe add drop down for the forum options but also keep the menu from the main half of the site as the main menu. It just makes it easier for the users to navigate the site.

  • Druid Alliance

    Thanks for the suggestion. it's very important for us to give people the spaces they need for good discussion but we want to keep it really clean too. We'll keep working on that.

  • Initiate

    Very excited to be here and I’m loving the site!
    My suggestion is for atlas. I couldn’t find RFC dungeon In org, I don’t know if that was missed? I was also thinking about a possible list or something for dungeons/raid in that zone you’re currently clicked into? Possible drops for those dungeons/raids?

  • Founder Shaman Horde

    Two very good suggestions @Blank. We are in the process of integrating Dungeon and Raid maps into zones. @Taladril has those maps ready to go. We just need to get them into the system. As far as drops/quests, it is our ultimate goal to incorporate everything into the Atlas (in a way similar to Google Maps). Hopefully, we can get things like that done soon

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