Raserisk's Molten Core Boss Guide - Lucifron

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    This boss guide for Classic World of Warcraft provides an in-depth analysis and overview for players in their battle against Lucifron – the first raid encounter of Molten Core.

    Despite being one of the earliest raid encounters for new and old raiders - there are several abilities that can very easily wipe a raid for those that are unaware. In this guild we'll break down the fight in a short, concise format for efficiency.

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    • Before starting the encounter, keep in mind that Lucifron features two adds as well. Your raid will want to have the first several packs of Corehound packs cleared to provide a good amount of space for the fight.

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    • For raid positioning make sure that both adds and Lucifron are spread apart from each other - for maximum efficency consider having Lucifron tanked behind a pillar so that the rest of the raid is out of line of sight and not affected by his abilities.

    • Once MC is on farm status - group all three together and cleave them down.

    Quick Tips

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    • Lucifron's adds feature a Cleave ability so make sure they are always faced away from the raid.

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    • They also feature a mind control ability that affects a random raid member - always make sure to CC them with a ability like Polymorph and try to prevent these affected players at all costs.

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    • Lucifron will cast Impending Doom on all players within 40 yards throughout the encounter. This will cause 2000 shadow damage after 10 seconds if it isn't dispelled.

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    Lucifron's Curse will be applied to all players around Lucifron which increases the cost of (rage, mana, energy, etc) abilities by 100%. This must be decursed immediately otherwise your raid's DPS and healing output will slow to a crawl. Make sure the main tank is dispelled first.

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    Shadow Shock is a AOE ability that Lucifron will use on melee players around him, it deals a consistent amount of low shadow damage throughout the fight and should not be regarded as a serious threat.


    Once your raid has all of these abilities figured out - it's only a matter of time before Lucifron falls and the path opens up to the next boss.

    Congratulations on your boss kill and we'll see you at Magmadar next as we continue our dive into the Molten Core!


    Tier 1 Gloves

    Hands Gauntlets Of Might
    Hands Felheart Gloves

    Tier 1 Boots

    Boots Cenarion Boots
    Boots Lawbringer Boots
    Boots Arcanist Boots
    Boots Earthfury Boots


    Wand Crimson Shocker
    Dagger Sorcerous Dagger

    Armor / Miscellaneous

    Chest Robe of Volatile Power
    Ring Ring of Spell Power
    Ring Heavy Dark Iron Ring
    Necklace Choker Of Enlightenment
    Legs Salamander Scale Pants
    Legs Manastorm Leggings
    Wrists Wristguards of Stability
    Helm Helm of the Lifegiver

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    This Boss Guide was written and created by Raserisk. For further questions, clarification or suggestions please contact him here.

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