Classic WoW Armaments - Venom Web Fang

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    Detailed Weapon Stats

    Venom Web Fang
    4.5% Chance-on-hit to instantly cast Poison
    +0.5 Damage-Per-Second on average from Poison

    In-Depth Explanation

    The Venom Web Fang is a Dagger that can be equipped in either hand. Its unique chance-on-hit ability will occasionally cause you to poison your current target for 15 seconds dealing a total of 15 damage.

    I spent a long time hitting things 1,376 times with this weapon and it poisoned 63 times altogether. From that testing alone, we can see it has a 4.5% chance-on-hit to poison. 4.5% equals an average of almost 2 poisons every minute for this weapon, which has an attack speed of 1.5 seconds.

    Damage-over-time abilities in Classic don't crit, and the Venom Web Fang is no exception to this rule.

    Assuming a 4.5% chance-on-hit, the Venom Web Fang ability will add an average of 0.5 additional damage-per-second to this weapon. However, it is still up to random chance and sometimes will either trigger too late to last its full duration or sometimes it will trigger multiple times in succession, overwriting its own effect (because it doesn't stack). This weapon effect doesn't scale with player stats from gear.

    The Venom Web Fang is an Uncommon quality item that drops off of Venom Web Spiders in Duskwood. It becomes Soulbound on equip so you can often find it in the Auction House.

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