Overview of Pet Dungeon Tanking + Full RFC Run

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    A Brief Summary

    So turns out that Hunter pets can tank dungeons really well, not as all-round good as warriors but sometimes you gotta make do with what ya got and it seems that tanks are a little scarce lately. I'll do a full video going over the math and the details but the video above is a "proof-of-concept" as a normal Ragefire Chasm run with a pet tank. I'll leave you with a quick run-through of why it works: threat-wise, pets are pretty crappy dungeon tanks unless they are a bird, owl, or bat and have Screech skilled at which point it becomes much easier. Mitigation-wise pet tanks are above-and-beyond other tanks because even though they take more damage, you have access to one of the most mana-efficient heals in the game in the form of Mend Pet, and it scales really well with Healing gear so you can just wear a bunch of Healing gear and grab a second healer to back you up. oh and you can also shoot bad guys while channeling Mend Pet, here's the macro:

    /cast Auto Shot
    /cast Mend Pet

    You can also just use this for either meleeing or shooting while casting Mend Pet:

    /stopcasting [nochanneling:Mend Pet]
    /cast !Auto Shot
    /cast [nochanneling:Mend Pet] Mend Pet

    I'll break down what Pet Tanking looks like in a more technical sense in a future guide. Questions or thoughts are all welcome. And go crazy!

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    I make videos about the lesser-known ways you can play the 9 classes of Classic World of Warcraft. I'm also a big fan of level 19 twinking. If you would like a video made about something, feel free to let me know!