<Invictus> |US-PVP| CST [H] {PvE: 4 + PVP} (Hardcore)

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    <Invictus> is a multi-raid high end progression guild. We aim to secure our position amongst the top US guilds quickly and finish out Naxx within the top 10 US guilds. We are seeking skilled, like-minded players who are willing to put in the time to be the best.

    Raid 1: Hardcore

    Our flagship raid schedule requires only 2 days per week in Phase 1. See schedule here. Additional raid days will be added as content is released up to 5 per week during Naxx progression. A raid-ready alt will be expected by Phase 3 for split raids. Loot will be handled via a transparent DKP system to promote guild stability and prevent drama.

    Raid 2: Semi-Hardcore

    Our second raid schedule will be more relaxed never exceeding 3 days per week and will not require some of the extras of our first raid. See schedule here. However, we still seek players who will work to maximize their time in raid. Loot will be handled via the same transparent DKP system for the same reasons. Our guild will offer the unique ability to spend your DKP in any raid. This means there is a real possibility to purchase gear from bosses you may not have access to.

    Raid 3: Casual

    If you’re a new player, new to Classic or just someone who wants to raid on a more laidback schedule, Invictus is currently in the process of building out a raid for you. This raid will allow players to go at their own pace, experiencing all the content the game has to offer with less expectation than either Raid 1 or 2. Loot will be handled via the same transparent DKP system.

    Expectations (Raid 1):

    • Extensive raiding experience
    • Knowledge of your Class(es)
    • Ability to receive constructive criticism
    • High attendance
    • Preparedness outside the raid
    • 1 raid ready alt by Phase 3
    • No fucking Drama

    Expectations (Raid 2):

    • Raiding experience
    • Knowledge of your Class
    • Good attitude
    • Solid attendance
    • Preparedness outside the raid
    • No fucking Drama

    Expectations (Raid 3):

    • Desire to experience Classic raiding
    • Ability to learn encounters on an as needed basis
    • Willingness to learn with the team
    • Good attitude
    • Good attendance
    • No Drama

    Loot System:

    <Invictus> will be using a modified version of nDKP that Navak and I have painstakingly reverse engineered and improved upon. Our neDKP is a next-gen 0 Sum DKP system and has been tweaked and modified on all fronts to be as fair and objective as possible. Some of the improvements include: the Guild Bank acting as a player assuming debt and buying items in raid that would otherwise be sharded, a proprietary Double Decay system, adjusted item values more accurately reflecting their relative strength, and the ability to spend DKP in any of our raid groups with a priority system preferring native raid members.


  • Hey Guys!
    I cant wait to fill out the application. I eagerly await its arrival. FOR THE HORDE!

  • Druid Horde Partner

    I'll be applying for Raid 2 🙂

  • Warrior Horde Moderator

    dark edge of insanity prio to shaman ggwp

  • Initiate

    Can't wait to apply. Hope yall need a priest.

  • *raises hand

  • Definitely hope to get into the Casual guild. Will be logged more than a casual but I have wife and kids stuff to do as well.

  • Hunter Shaman Warrior Horde

    I seem to remember that it was said that there would be a branch guild from this one for more casual players. Is that true or did my brain make that up?

  • Initiate

    can't wait to raid with the guild!

  • Initiate

    @Reconsniper said in <Invicta> |US-Korgath| CST [H] {PvE: 4 + PVP} (Hardcore):

    I seem to remember that it was said that there would be a branch guild from this one for more casual players. Is that true or did my brain make that up?

    Same question. I believe it was on one of Kargoz's videos where he mentioned the sister guild. His vision for it was awesome...scavenger hunts and what not. Might have been in a Good Morning Azeroth. If he was serious about it I would be down for sure.

  • Shaman Horde

    I cant wait to start raiding again. I can't raid 6 days a week any more but, a couple of days a week would be great.

  • Founder Horde

    @JPKaos As far as I know.. this will all be in one guild. And there will be two separate raid teams. One that will push for progression and another one with a more relaxed attitude.

    As for the events they will be guild wide!

  • Hunter Shaman Warrior Horde

    @Ayle I'm cool with that too. Wife and in law bs, and terrible internet (hopefully fixed pre classic) means I dont get to play hardcore like I used to play. But I would be game for a couple nights a week. As long as it's not hunting season of some sort 🤣

  • Initiate

    I want to apply. I can be any class, but I would prefer to be a mage. I have no engagements. I have recently got injured at work and am bedridden for.. a long time. So I have nothing but time on my hands and can farm a lot for the guild as I know some classes cannot farm as well as a mage. But if you need another class I will do mage 2nd for farming. I can raid any time of any day. I am Canadian so generally known to be friendly. Anyway if you would like to talk let me know. Discord Hien#5809. I know all the raids.

  • Founder Horde

    @Hienuforthis Ouch that sucks! Always pick the class you want to play the most. We will find room for it - no worries.

  • Founder Shaman

    Guild information updated.

  • Initiate

    I was listening to a good morning Azaroth show and heard there was going to be a guild for casual players. Not hard core raid players. All I seen is the Raid guild. Are you making the casual guild after classic launches or did I just miss it. Thanks, Rush.

  • Druid Horde

    Hey there curious about group 3. What are the expected raid times/ day

  • Founder Shaman

    @Glowing_Shard It's looking like 8pm to 11pm EST on Tue/Thu right now. Those are tentative times but it seems like, if they change, they won't change very much.

  • Initiate

    Hey guys. I was just wondering about how long the application judging process is on average? I submitted a week ago but haven't heard anything. I don't mean to be a bother, just making sure I didn't miss something, and excited to start posting and wowing 🙂

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