Whirlwind Weapons - The Stolen Shaman Quest

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    Time to add one more rank to bus shock.

    After many SPLIT SECONDS of logical deduction I have come up with an air tight hypothesis that the Whirlwind Weapons quest given to Warriors at level 30 was ACTUALLY designed for the Shaman. Join me down this rabbit hole of inexplicable nonsense.


    Youtube Video

    What you'll find in this video

    • Breakdown of the Shaman LvL 30 Class "quest"
    • Breakdown of the Warrior LvL 30 Class QUESTS
    • Proof that Blizz gave Warriors our quest
    • More proof
    • A 15 year grudge


    None. It's a rant. Watch the whole thing.

    Video Links

    Whirlwind Weapons Quest: https://classicdb.ch/?quest=1791

    About Holderhek

    Holderhek is an Enhance Shaman specialist who fell in love with the class/spec during vanilla WoW. He enjoys making entertaining and informative content for the Classic WoW community.

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    Discord: Holderhek#7777
    Youtube: https://youtube.com/holderhek
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