STFU Mage: The Gold Farm Guide for Everyone Else (Part 1)

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    I've had a bunch of requests on how to make money as a shaman and I can tell you it's not easy. However with the power of friendship and memes we can come together and try to make enough gold so the Mages, Warlocks, Hunters (and shadow priests) can't completely ruin the economy for the rest of us.


    Youtube Video

    What you'll find in this video

    • How to farm gold
    • How to farm gold another way
    • Even more ways to farm gold
    • Telling mages to stfu

    About Holderhek

    Holderhek is an Enhance Shaman specialist who fell in love with the class/spec during vanilla WoW. He enjoys making entertaining and informative content for the Classic WoW community.

    How to contact:

    Discord: Holderhek#7777