VANILLA FLAVORS 🍦Mage Classic WoW Class Guide

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    Ah yes, the mage! These dudes are well known for their stick nasty burst, insane CC and their impeccable food and beverages. But let's see what they really bring to the table on this episode of Vanilla Flavors!!!

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    Hi, I’m Platinum! I make Classic/Blizzard related content on YouTube. I focus on making my videos fun, well produced, and the best quality possible! My specialties include video editing and machinima creation. My plan is to produce videos for and play and be one of the cutting edge raiders in Classic.

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    Gnomes are OP racial for an mage. 5% mana and escape artist... small little chickens, even hard to click on..

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    I play casters and mage is really my main, for personal reasons I prefer human, but surely Gnomes are the best though.