Topic Tuesday - Missing the forest for the AV's

  • Druid Alliance

    PVP, What a Grind

    There's a sickness that has spread on the more competitive servers. The quest for honor and ranking has turned one of the best aspects of the game - PVP, into one of the worst. It's a simple problem. With how the system is structured, AV is the most efficient honor grind. And since all servers on each region share queues there can't be a serverwide decision to control how honor is ground out or to cap it. With that situation everyone is stuck firmly inside the prisoner's dilemma. The grind is horrible and I don't see it getting better unless Blizzard changes the structure of the system or the balance of honor gained.

    Unfortunately we are working against the player's modern outlook on the game - namely that everyone always will take the most efficient method to their goal, regardless of the fun factor. And the second modern outlook is the extreme quest for optimization, which I will go into here. Hopefully maybe I can try to convince some of you to relax, chill out a little and actually try to enjoy the game before you burn yourself out completely or have actual negative health effects because of how you did the honor grind.

    Extreme Server Competition

    Some servers, especially the more populated and competitive ones have extreme numbers involved in what is needed to push ranks. Obtaining rank 14 is an insane amount of work that seriously concerns me about what someone needs to do physically to make it happen (presuming they don't bot their way there). But setting 14 aside, ranks 13, 12, 11, or even 10 have crazy competition. It is way more than it ever was in Vanilla on any server. We are talking grinds 7 days a week for over half the day or even more. This isn't casual. It's not even hardcore. It's just nuts. Rank 10 isn't even that high but you still have to do that level of grind to get it? What???

    Competition even for Mid Ranks

    So let's talk about rank 10. The reason people go for it is because it unlocks the helm and shoulders for the blue pvp items. And well, some of those set bonuses are really good. Higher ranks unlocks different items which then gives more slot options for which pieces to use for optimizing sets. And it is especially true for warriors. Of course warriors are just sliiiightly competitive aren't they.

    set bonus.png

    An optimized set will take advantage of the 2 piece bonus because that is a lot of AP to tap into. But all you need is 2 pieces. Do you really need rank 10 for the helm and shoulder options? For helm you are already going to be wearing Lionheart so rank 10 is only about the shoulders. Well let's compare.

    Looking at an example set with PVP or BWL gear specifically for the slots in question, here's a gear set that doesn't use the PVP shoulders.

    Up to Rank 8

    no shoulders.png

    And now lets see the set with shoulders that requires rank 10.

    Requires Rank 10


    So effectively because of the shoulders we can now juggle the Drake Talon Pauldrons over to Chromatic Boots. Here's the breakdown for stat difference:

    Rank 8 --> Rank 10

    • 14 AP
    • 0.55% Crit
    • 1% Hit

    It's definitely an upgrade. How worth it is it to grind to get it? It's a personal question. But just keep in mind the crazy amount of time and mental energy you are going through for it. There's also a large opportunity cost too. You could be leveling alts which means more profession options. You could be grinding for gold for consumables. To me it's not worth it, but I don't do hardcore grinds like that for minimal return. For you it might be different. Don't get blinded by the absolute BIS of a situation and push yourself too far and hate the game and yourself by doing it. Just keep in mind the perspective of what you gain and how much effort it will take to get it. And don't ruin the game for yourself just to do it the absolutely most efficient way!