EU (PVP) <Venom> |Shazzrah| GMT +1 [Horde] {PvE: Thurs/Sun 20:00-23:00 + PvP )} (Semi-Hardcore)

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    Venom are a semi hardcore/casual raiding guild on Shazzrah. We're a mix of nationalities. We have all current content on farm (MC and Onyxia) and we're looking to organise ourselves ready for MC, this means attracting more members.

    We have spots for most classes. Ideally Pre BIS or better, mainly Ranged DPS sports (mage and in particular Warlocks), and healers (primarily Resto Shamans, but also priests).

    There is space for other classes though rogue spots are already highly contended within the guild and would not be guaranteed raiding time.

    We don't min/max or loot on the basis of BIS - thats secondary to simply upping the guilds gear as a whole. For MC/Onyxia we use MS>OS +1.

    We raid MC on Thursdays and Onyxia every Reset - that maybe a Thursday or Sunday - our other primary Raid day. Fridays and Saturdays are raid free days.

    Our discord is if you wish to speak to an officer or are interested - message one of us on there if we're not online.

    Officers: Stalin, Mooming, Holographik, Channy, Realthing, DonaldTrump

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    We're also open to a link up - possible future merge to increase guild size for bwl. We have around 25-30 active members plus 10-15 who aren't so active - so realistically any good with a core 10-15 people would fit the bill. Ideally with more caster dps as we have higher saturation of melee classes. But we would be open to any sensible link ups.

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